Suggestion for suggestions with over 50 votes

Why I am making this suggestion

The reason I am making this suggestion is because there are many great suggestions posted here on the forums but we very rarely see any statement from a moderator or staff team that it would/ wouldn’t or possibly be added to the Hive. This would also make the Hive feel more community based as they are willing to add suggestions from the players themselves.

How it could work

The way I though would work best is if someone part of the Hive team or moderation posted an official statement under the suggestion. Possibly by making it the comment right below the suggestion so everyone can easily find what the Hive’s response is, and whether they would consider adding it.

Official Hives’ response layout

It could be something along the lines of

  1. The Hive has plans of adding/ changing this on the Hive { (coming next, in progress, planned) used the names from the Hive road map}. The reason the Hive hopes/ plans to add this is because…

  2. The Hive is considering of adding/ changing this this to the Hive but it is not certain. The reason the Hive is considering it is because…

  3. The Hive is unable to or does not plan to add/ change this. The reason being …

They would likely change this or have different statements for different types of suggestions such as Costume ideas, games, accessibility and other categories.

Suggestions which are in the planned or considered section

I thought for suggestion which are in the consider or planned section because they aren’t sure how people will like the change could show a poll using the Hive mailbot :mailbot: to some or all players.

The poll would have a title of the suggestion for example Change Sharp 2 Iron to Sharp 1 Diamond with the link to the suggestion from the forums if they want more details. Underneath the title and the link there can have the poll with two options Yes or No. The results are up to the Hive team whether they want the public to see the results or just them.

Links to suggestions with over 50 votes

  • If you know suggestions with over 50+ votes you can post the link in the comments and I will put them :arrow_down_small: so they are easier to find for the staff and anyone interested in voting for them

Suggestions with over 100 votes:

Suggestions with over 50 votes:

Spawn with a sword in tw
Organize The Friends List
Take Away the Enderpearl Height Limit
Incognito Mode? (not sponsored by ExpressVPN)
Social Features Suggestions
Music Tracks for Mini-Games
Further Custom UI Implementation
User Profiles (In-Game)
Australian Server Region
New Game Suggestion: UHC
Ranked Skywars for equality
Rank Icons (Leveling Icons)
Add The Bridge Mini Game on Hive
~ Party XP Boost
Expanded Party Functions! (Open Parties)
(More Fun!) Prize Wheel
Achievement suggestion
Add The Copper Golem
New Hub Parkour To The Hive Sign
Health Back From Kills?
“Hide Players” Option in The Hub
Death Messages Idea
Let Us play Noteblocks“The Arcade” Game Idea: Hitmen
Get Armor On Final Kill
Skyblock (new game suggestion)
Show your Loginstreak in the Lobby
Different variants of steve skins
Just Build - Build vs Build vote suggestion
Show your Loginstreak in the Lobby
This suggestion though it is partially accepted look at response from Splodger and Holly to understand
“King Pig” Costume (FANMADE)
Make this say 13+
Playtime feature
Toppling Towers Minigame
Keep The Hub Train Year Round
New Mixed Arcade Game: Strider Races
Keep inventory on CS
Remove TNT at the ends of traps
[Custom Servers] Allow us to change how long matches are
Custom Server NPC
Show what hubtitle you’re wearing
[Warning: Mammoth Suggestion] Hive Honeycoin - YAIGC
Rejoin command (/rejoin)
1st Person Spectating
Custom Server Operators Should be Able to Fly in Game Lobbies
Remove the Golden Apple cap
Timer until removal for LTM games
Add a favorite option for friends
Make it so you can choose seasonal maps in custom servers
Time Owl pet
The new game Heart of the Sea at the end of a match
Being able to choose the color of your level
Punching A player With the party Book Invite them to Your Party
Custom Servers Display
New Discussion- Favorites Tab in Item shop
Changing generator colors
Pyro Kit :fire:
Alert User when Gifted
Royal Flush (HIVE COSTUME)
Hub Title for Joining on January 1st, 2022 2023
Costume concept #4
Costume concept #1 Fracasadoh made 16 costume concepts
‘PBMM is on’ chat message
Rules Item In Waiting Lobby
A symbol next to a friends name in chat!
Add a Medic role
Wall-to-Wall ~ Minigame Concept
Show the Death Phrase: (Username) did an oopsie in Treasure Wars too!
Add the Spyglass to the Hive
Murder Mystery Swords
Costume concept #3
Mailbot Pet/Plushie
Show killer’s hearts and weapon
Alive players in treasure wars
/tc for team chat
Add a /ping command
Selectable Gift Messages
Earn XP From Long Win Streaks
P chat on hive UI

Response from Holly Hlzyzptlk
Response from Splodger

Thanks for taking the time and possible reading or voting for it. Feel free to say your opinions on this and if I should change anything about it. At the time of writing this it is in most voted to least voted.


What about this one?


Added that to the list

Do this, it’s easier

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what about the lava bucket and water bucket suggestion

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I am writing a big list down then will add them all

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yes please :)))

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look mum thats my thread!!!

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Added all of them they should be in order from highest to lowest but votes might move around and change. My hand is sore from writing all the names down then typing them.

good idea! nice job!! c:

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Add forumer hub title PepeLaugh

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I really like this idea! My suggestion, Change Sharp 2 Iron to Sharp 1 Diamond , has had over 100 votes for almost a year now, with no response from any decision maker.


the most voted suggestion hasn’t been implemented which is absurd.
Pretty sure the only staff who responded to the respiration helmet removal is Holly when she was an Admin/Mod.


There’s a new 200 vote suggestion

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will take this to the managers and see if they would like to give you guys an official response :slight_smile:


Shout out to Xy bro, thanks for the transparency!


Xyturial best mod ww sorry ralius


Hey! First of all, this is a really neat post, it’s super helpful that you’ve included a list as I do try to respond to some of them myself. I completely understand where you’re all coming from and will try to look at some of these threads when I can. However, there’s just a few things to consider that I want to throw out there. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • The Hive has many different paid teams and members. Not every member can speak for a suggestion alone, and most decisions are made following lengthy conversations across multiple teams. For example, I can comment on these threads and make educated guesses but I can never speak for the whole team or have the deciding vote on whether or not we’d add it.
  • We are constantly working on lots of different things. This means that while some features or additions would be really useful to have, we already have many other things that take priority or need to be implemented first.
  • A “quick” implementation is not as quick as you think. Even for minor issues or small changes, there’s still a quality assurance process, as well as the fact that our needs/priorities are constantly shifting. Even if an idea seems simple, that’s rarely the case, unfortunately.

Overall, there are just a lot more to it than simply looking at a suggestion and approving or denying, regardless of how many votes it has. We do look through and we do read things, even when we aren’t commenting. The respiration helmet thread, for example, is one I know I commented on before I was on the Hive Team, stating that it would be a good idea. I still agree with that, but it’s something that, understandably, is going to be quite low on our list of priorities.

Hopefully, that all makes sense!


So basically suggestions are a waste if time? If it’s a low priority, the chance of it getting accepted/approved it very very low.

Other than that, I understand what you mean by the paid teams and members thing.


Not at all! Just that this is why we’re often quite slow to coming around to them, more so if it’s a smaller feature. There’ve been plenty of ideas we’ve accepted from the forums but if it’s something that maybe isn’t a huge priority or would be best added at a later time once we have other features implemented, we may not respond right away. The last thing we want to do is give people false hope that something is coming soon, is already being worked on, etc. :slight_smile: