Add the Spyglass to the Hive

This topic was made by Conhadda just after the spyglass was announced. It was closed due to the update being too far away to give a final decision.

Now that the update is here, I think it should be added.

It would help to see enemies, defenses, enemies’ loot and all sorts of other things.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you like Con’s idea


Legit everyone uses poor man’s zoom

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I definitely think it should be added for 1 em in twars.

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But The Hive still supports 1.16? If there is any other way please correct me :slightly_smiling_face:

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They do, but it seems like they can make specific games support different versions. I feel like this would be worth losing 1.16 support for games like twars, where information about opponents is very important. Plus, I bet the people that downgrades is a very small minority in the overall playerbase.

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I see, yes, like they did with survival games. ok, I agree, voted!

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I was thinking the exact same thing! Spy glasses would be so cool if you could buy them for 3 or so diamonds in tw

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Like Royal Toast said, Hive still supports 1.16. They did say that you would have to upgrade for new minigames, but they didn’t say anything about current minigames. Also, a lot of people could just use zoom as an alternative. Good idea, though.

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Bruh ik someone would do this :rage::rage:

I was just about to do this

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Now that Hive only supports 1.17 and above, I think theres an even better reason to add this.

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Well if you have the zoom and stuff, it’s kinda useless. Idk if this should be added, but people can already use the perks of a spyglass

People on a pc can download somewhat dodgy 3rd party applications to zoom, but not everyone has a pc and not everyone wants to run that risk.

‘people’ being PC players.

That doesn’t detract from this being added at all.

Some people don’t trust clients. Some can’t install them.

The only people who use clients are sweats. They’re meant to improve gameplay, and sweats are the only people who care enough about gameplay to install them.

If you’re a sweat, you aren’t going to use the zoom feature at all.

This suggestion is geared towards more casual players, not Pc sweats who have clients. Just because clients exist doesn’t mean there can’t be an item accomplishing a task that said client does.