Music Tracks for Mini-Games

Idea: Music Tracks for Mini-Games

The concept is pretty simple. Add music tracks that play during all the different mini-games to add to the atmosphere.

More information: Now that the Hive has its own custom resource pack, this could theoretically be super simple to implement. Resources packs allow you to change sound files just like texture files, so you could simply replace an unused sound file with a music track, and have that sound file play at the start of the match.

Ah yes

I really miss the old Battle music tracks. Those were so good.


Yo This Would Sick, I’m Voting

Hey uh cyclo, not to minimod or anything, but like could you vote for this that way it has a higher chance of getting added. It would be neat if this was done with the standard discs, that way the community could make their own soundtracks to listen to.

This would be difficult to implement with switching between different servers in the Hive, but if it was synced up between servers, this would be neat.

Also I’ve made a music based suggestion too

It would probably be easier to do except it requires time since the means to do it aren’t in the game yet (I think)

The music tracks in the legacy edition minigames gave them such a unique feel


True the bgm for Shrunk and Shipyard was so good

And Frontier. And Invasion!.

Tbh the soundtracks were masterpieces


Aren’t they not allowed to just take Gareth’s music and use it without permission? I doubt he would even accept third-party usage of it.

And i’m pretty sure the OP meant they wanted original music. But it would great nostalgic if they COULD use it.

Well Mr. President, you got yourself 30 votes.


i guess that advertising on discord worked lmaoo


Honestly it would add a nice touch to the mini- games so you won’t just hear silence for the entire game. It would give a bit of excitement to the vibe


Welcome alex! Hope u have a great time here.


It would be cool if they used the music from the console edition mini games

I think it would be pretty cool too, but I think it depends on what others want too. Also up to hive staff! :upside_down_face:

Ah yes, and the tumble ones.

Nostalgia go brrrr

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This got so many votes so quickly wow

I want this added. Mind you that because of how bedrock works, the music wouldn’t be streamed, but downloaded once on your device. So every time hive changes it, or you reinstall mc, or well, try to play on a different device, it would go thru downloading the whole pack.

But its a small sacrifice for greatness. You win my vote.

now thats just awesome i would LOVE that (both this suggestion and arthur78234’s reply

Those are all creepy sounds for no reason, the current countdown sounds are fine imo