Further Custom UI Implementation

Spread the UI style that is found in the hub npc’s game selectors across the server

More information:

I think it would be a good idea to further implement the hive’s custom UI server-wide. Why? I think it would be good for consistency; having one UI theme throughout. Plus, it is also visually pleasing.

Here’s how I imagine it in the friends menu for instance (Please ignore how weird the buttons look)

I also decided to include a concept of the costume menu (there may be inconsistencies between this and the one above)
I went ahead and added cosmetic preset buttons. Made a suggestion around it: Cosmetic presets
note: realised I omitted the search thing, just imagine that it’s there for now

Another concept I made, for the Quest Menu (I managed to make the buttons look normal)
quest update

here’s another version (with a progress bar) - The bar is supposed to be animated like above.

Please do leave critical feedback regarding this concept since I feel like there’s something I’m missing here (but please ignore the tiny errors like misalignment etc.)

Custom Server Settings concept
CS set menu

I usually make pixel art for the icons but honestly speaking I was lazy to do it this time. May fix that at a later stage.

Gift menu concept
Gift Menu fa
Again, didn’t really have the energy to make pixel art

This could be implemented in:

  • all cosmetic menus (in the costume menu, the selected costume could be displayed in the space on the right)
  • map voting menus (with a full image of the map on the right)
  • post-game stats
  • Friend, party and perhaps game select menu (from hotbar)

pretty much any menu a player interacts with
Please do give some input on this idea and any adjustments you would make. Thanks :smile:


I really really really really really really really really really really really really like this a lot. Idk why they didn’t update this when the hive updates the ui a couple months ago. Also your example looks very realistic


Awesome idea and concept!

Skywars kits is really fun


Yes they should also do this with custom server UI and maybe even /q and compass UI

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maybe in the bottom right they can put the “add friend” button


This would be awesome!

I like this idea

I think on the right, there should be a thing where you can add friends or see requests, because it’s an absolute pain in the butt to have to scroll all the way down to add someone

but IDK if the post game and voting UI needs to be changed. Those are to the point and simple, and it would probably be best to keep it that way.

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This actually would be quite useful, I’ll adjust my concept eventually.


sick idea

ceos name doesn’t have a capital lol


I’ve remade the example image with the addition of the Add a friend, Incoming requests, and Outgoing request buttons.

Didn’t realise I capitalised it, mb.


This is a really cool looking concept! :slight_smile:
hey that’s me in the image o:


This is really cool you got my vote

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Bumping this to promote further discussion as I think it’s a great idea.


since when is alpha a legit graphic designer


Hold up I know you from somewhere…

OH YEA you make YT!

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He is a youtuber?

Yea I watch his clips sometimes

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I made a concept of the UI in the costumes menu

wouldn’t call myself a YouTuber by any measure lol


I was actually talking about KingSharkboy136 he has 400 subs

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the concepts look very cool, voted