Cosmetic presets

Referencing this suggestion: Further Custom UI Implementation


Ability to create up to 5 cosmetic presets

More information:

So, before I continue, a cosmetic preset would include a hub title, costume and avatar.

Why would a feature like this be necessary? Well to put it simply, if you have multiple combinations of hub titles, costumes or avatars that you like to use, it would make it a lot easier to change between them all through a preset menu.

How would you create a preset? First, you would equip all the cosmetic items you would like to include in your preset. Next, you would either press the “Add a preset” (example in the suggestion mentioned at the beginning) in any of the cosmetic menus or use an item in your Hotbar.

I understand this may not have been the best explanation I could’ve given but, I’d still appreciate your feedback on this suggestion, thanks :smiley:


holy carp we need this

you got my vote


I’d absolutely love this.

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Theres no reason why not

You got my vote :+1:

This is a mega bump but, I wanted to see more discussion about this suggestion, whether it would be useful or not etc.

This is a pretty good idea. Voted