(More Fun!) Prize Wheel

This is an improvement upon this idea.

Hey guys! Whats up! I just have suggestion that could greatly improve Hive Games!
So recently, I have been wanting a prize wheel, that when spun, could give you some really cool cosmetics! It could be located where the Animal Bundle NPC is usually located.
Here is an example of what it would look like

You are probably thinking “What is that strange hole?”
Basically to spin the wheel, you would need to get keys. There are 6 different rarities of keys

Now obviously, some keys will be easier to get than others. For example, it’ll be easier to get a wooden key, than to get a diamond, or emerald. I have actually come up with the chances to get these keys. Now what I am about to say is going to get VERY confusing, i’ll try to explain in the best way possible.

To get a key, I’ve come up with 2 different ways to get them.

IMPORTANT: One minute in the game must have passed to be eligible to get a key. This is to combat people who agree to jump off the map, just for keys, which isn’t fair to other players.

1) Winning games

Did ya’ just win a game of SkyWars? Treasure Wars? Survival Games? Well in that case, there is a 1/3 chance of getting a key. Here below are the chances of the type of key you would get.

How to Obtain a Key in Each Game

(If won with teamates, the team would have a 1/3 chance in getting keys, if won, every one gets a key)

  • If you win SkyWars, you would have a 1/3 in getting a key (If won with teamates, the team would have a 1/3 chance in getting keys, if won, every one gets a key)

  • If you win Just Build, the person in first would have the 1/3 chance

  • If you are the last person in Survival Games, you have the 1/3 chance

  • If Hiders win in Hide & Seek, all hiders would have the 1/3 chance, vice verse for seekers

  • If you came 1st in DeathRun, you would have the 1/3 chance

  • If you either killed the murderer as sheriff/innocent killed everyone as murderer, you would get the 1/3 chance.

  • If you come out on top in Treasure Wars, you would get the 1/3 chance

  • To any game in the future, if you win, you get the 1/3 chance.

2) Login Streak

Basically, every time you hit a milestone in a login streak, you get a key.
If your login streak is equal to…

5 = Wooden Key
10 = Iron Key
20 = Golden Key
35 = Diamond Key
45 = Emerald Key
70 = Ultra Key

Every 10 days after 70, you would get an iron key.

What About Custom Servers?

Keys cannot be obtained in custom servers. But, if a staff member (Mod, Hive Team) is OP in a custom server, they can toggle if the game is eligible for keys or not. This makes custom servers all the more fun, while keeping it cool with mods and hive team members only!

Alright now for the best part…

The rewards you see below are arranged from least rare, to extremely rare for each key and obviously, the better the key, the better the rewards.


Wooden Key Rewards

10 QP
25 QP
30 QP
Castle Top Teleport (Woosh! You've been teleported to the top of the Castle!)
45 QP
Wooden Key
50 QP
2 Wooden Keys
60 QP
Iron Key
75 QP
Chick-ching! hub title

Iron Key Rewards

Wooden Key
50 QP
65 QP
Oak Plank Avatar
80 QP
The Grinder hub title
90 QP
10 Minutes XP Booster
100 QP
Iron Key
125 QP
The Reaccuring hub title
150 QP
2 Iron Keys
1000 XP in game of your choice
Gold Key

Gold Key Rewards

This is Fake! hub title
Wooden Key
100 QP
Iron Key
KEKW Xd monkaS hub title
145 QP
Novice Grinder hub title
175 QP
200 QP
The Lucky hub title
Gold Key
225 QP
Light Purple Monkey avatar
250 QP
LETS GOOOO hub title
275 QP
300 QP
Behold! The longest hub title! hub title
350 QP
3 Gold Keys
Diamond Key

Diamond Key Rewards

*visible confusion* hub title
300 QP
325 QP
Tax Collector hub title
Miss Bunny costume
340 QP
Iron Key
DIAMONDS! hub title
350 QP
365 QP + Full Circle hub title
+5 days in Login Streak + Deja Vu hub title
370 QP
Gold Key
380 QP
Apprentice Grinder hub title
400 QP
Super Buff Pig avatar
2 Gold Keys
450 QP
Diamond Key
500 QP
#NoHacksJustSkill hub title
550 QP
600 QP
2 Diamond Keys
625 QP
Emerald Key

Emerald Key Rewards

Flex on Them Haters hub title
500 QP
Gold Key
550 QP
The Luckier hub title
625 QP
Diamond Key
650 QP
Icebloom Costume
700 QP
2 Diamond Keys
3500 XP in game of your choice
Emerald Key
725 QP
750 QP
2 Emerald Keys
Diamond Derp with Sunglasses and Folded Arms Avatar
760 QP
Expert Grinder hub title
800 QP
Costume Gift (180 minecoin costumes only)
850 QP
Ultra Key

Ultra Key Rewards

800 QP
Wooden Key
Costume Gift
2 Emerald Keys
825 QP
850 QP
Professional Hubrat hub title
880 QP
900 QP
Master Grinder hub title
2 Costume Gifts
925 QP
The Luckiest hub title
950 QP
975 QP
Hive Plus Gift
1000 QP
Ultra Key
Creepy Smile avatar
Hive Sign Teleport (Woosh! You've been teleported to the Hive Sign!)
2 Ultra Keys
Permanent Crown Cosmetic in the Hub (Can be toggled with /toggles)

Extra Rewards

Spin the Wheel 10 times:

Round and Round... hub title
100 QP

Spin the Wheel 50 times:

Caught Red-Handed! hub title
200 QP

Spin the Wheel 100 times:

RAINBOW!! hub title
Prize Wheel Avatar
300 QP

Spin the Wheel 150 times:

The Charming hub title
Need for Speed hub title
450 QP
15 Minute XP Boost

Spin the Wheel 200 times:

700 QP
Bullseye Avatar

Spin the Wheel 300 times:

Monster Spinner hub title
400 QP

Spin the Wheel 350 times:

Godlike hub title
500 QP

Spin the Wheel 450 times:

BEYOND GODLIKE!! hub title
550 QP

Spin the Wheel 500 times:

Determination. hub title
600 QP

Spin the Wheel 1000 times:

NINJA! FLEX! hub title
The Four Leaf Clover hub title
Mission Accomplished hub title
Sunglasses Emoji with a Crown Avatar
Costume Gift
500 QP

Use an ultra key to get a wooden key:

super pain. hub title

Use a wooden key to get 2 wooden keys to get 3 wooden keys:

Master Economist hub title

Press the back of the wheel:

Nerd Emoji Avatar
Propeller Hat in the hub for 5 minutes (Only Once)

Steps to pull off this easter egg:

  1. Crouch next to the wheel (at least 4 blocks away)
  2. Jump twice while crouching
  3. Press W, A, S, D in that order while crouching
  4. Release crouch
  5. Insert a key

The Codebreaker hub title
420 QP


Obtain an Ultra Key from winning a game

The Luckiestest hub title
Four Leaf Clover Avatar

If you unlock a hub title, costume, or avatar, you will not be able to get it again. No more wasting keys!

If this actually gets added, here is all of the sprites



Wheel (3D)

texture (3)

MediaFire Link

Wheel (2D Icon)


Now, there is only one more question to ask. Why haven’t you voted yet?! :worried:


Its a very awesome idea!! and Ultra Key rewards omg COOL!!


Awesome Ranmajii
I’d love to see this In The Hive.


uhh, the framing and idea in total are very nice, but I don’t think having login streak days increased should be a feature. Or if it was only made available for the Emerald and Ultra keys maybe?


Good idea, I’ll change it

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This actually a great IDEA

But if I spin the wheel and get a hub title it should be removed from the wheel for me so that I dont get that same hub title again and waste my key.
Your idea is awesome and I already voted :slight_smile:


Login streak should not be a reward

Will we be able to gift this?

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the amount of Hub Titles you have come up with is insane. :clap:


@everyone see this

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Holy crap this is such an awesome idea




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This is awesome, Maji!
The master has done it again!

I really hope this, or something similar to this, gets added. It’d be really cool!


i really like this idea. like, a lot. but i have three things

this would ruin the concept of login streaks

then again, this is like, what? equivalent to 20 games won? and this is in the iron key category, which has a 25% chance of obtaining. that’s just broken

you might as well give them all the costumes at this point

this is a joke


I don’t really like this suggestion; it seems way too luck-based. Like you could barely win a game by snowballs and randomly win an ultra key and get a crown, which would be an insanely rare cosmetic, all because you once got lucky in a minigame. It’s a cool concept but it needs a lot more work before I’d consider voting on it.


I love this idea!! I think it is super cool, I would love to see it be added to the Hive someday :slight_smile:


poggers amirite :sunglasses:

Seriously though, the chances are quite strange, so I’ll make some changes, so that everyone can enjoy it. That is my goal.


1000 xp in a game is like going from level 0 to level 4-5