Hive++ Suggestion and Civillized Discussion Megapost

This may be a duplicate suggestion (I didn’t find anything though), and I know its been said before that The Hive doesn’t have any plans to add a new rank but please don’t lock this.

Ok, so we all know that Hive recently hit 60k players online at once. Because of this, I think it might finally be time to add a new obtainable rank, available to all of the playerbase.


There would be a number of ways to get this rank. You could either buy it or be gifted/awarded it.


For Hive+ users, Hive++ would cost $10. This equates the total cost to $20.
For Regular users, Hive++ would cost $20. This equates the total cost to $20.

For the two plus signs outside of the spawn, one would be changed to orange.
the green one would lead you to a page to purchase Hive+ and the new orange one would lead you to a page to purchase Hive++


A new gift would be available: rank upgrade. This would cost $10, and upon gifting it to someone it would upgrade their rank. If the receiver was a regular user, this gift would get them Hive+, and if they were a Hive+ user already, the receiver would get Hive++.

This would replace the giftable Hive+ rank, as it would no longer be needed


If you didn’t have Hive+ before and went straight to Hive++, you would receive all of the Hive+ cosmetics, as well as the ones shown beneath.

Social Features

Hive++ would grant these social perks:

  • A maximum of 12 players in a party
  • A maximum of 225 friends
  • Increased custom server limits and max player limits up to 60
  • 10-12 daily quests
  • An orange name and suffix
    Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 12.42.33



  • A bee costume
  • The Unlocks costume, seen opposite the Region transfer


  • The MVBee
  • The Enthusiast


  • Horse Avatar
  • Duck Avatar

these avatars would be in the style of the avatars for Hive++


  • Hive++ Channel
  • Hive++ VCs
  • Hive++ Role
  • Ability to screenshare in VCs

All of the above cosmetics are merely suggestions


I hope you like the suggestion, please reply with any concerns/suggestions down below :)


Really like this idea, agree that it’s about time for a new rank.
If in vanish, you would still be visible to staff (Unlikely that anyone with the rank will be hacking)

Feel like 3 votes is a bit op
then again you have paid $20 for it so it’s cool ig

I think (If @Fracasadoh agrees to it) it would be great to see their costume concept for the bee implemented in this way.


This is a pretty cool idea. One thing I would change is that buying ranks depends on your ranks as you said:

I was thinking since there is two hive+ entity things, maybe one can change to the hive++ so that buying hive+ is not a prerequisite for hive++ so regular users can just buy hive++ instead of buying twice.


good idea! i shall edit this in :)

Edit: Done!

Nice suggestion!


I would just like to say PLS VOTE FOR THIS. I know that hive said no plans on adding ranks but this suggestion is very detailed and should be added. Adding Hive++ would be awesome!!! PLS VOTE


Yeah 3 votes is too much, especially in a party of hive+ and hive++. It’s gonna make it really annoying for non rank players to almost never get the maps they want to play on (unless the paying players wanna play that map)
I get the server wants to make money but I (and probably many others) wouldn’t want to see this become too pay to play the maps u want.

yeah fair enough

3 maps votes?
  • yay
  • nay

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I love this, and if nothing else I would get it to support hive.

I could see this coming out around swarms or something for a certain swarm feature that we get more of or something with this rank

But yeah, an orange name, I would def buy this.


smh give me back my money



it should probably be 40 since partners get 50 lmao


how many do plus users get?

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i think nons and hive+ get the same? 30

that needs to be changed


i dont even play, but would still buy this to support hive lol


ehh, i dont see much poi-

take my vote


This idea has a lot of potential, but there are a few issues that need to be addressed
Firstly, the way the rank is obtained has a problem. The rank upgrades could be made to work, but the Hive++ package that only regulars can get could be frustrating as a dropped gift for Hive+ players, and if they were able to pick them up, it would be frustrating for the gifter, as they technically wasted $10. For these reasons, I think that rank upgrades should be the only thing in the store related to ranks
I also think that /vanish is very unlikely to be given to regular players, because it causes more issues than it solves. I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t want to be seen in the hub, but you can always hide in a minigame npc, or switch hubs to get away from people who are bothering you. Even if staff members can see the vanished players, if someone invisible was cheating in a hub without a staff member, and they normally would have been seen by a player that would’ve reported them, that’s not very good.
Besides these issues, I think this rank would be a very cool addition to the server though


Thanks! based on this feedback, i will remove the vanish and hive++ gift.


fair, but why would someone actually cheat in the hub? no harm done either lol


You just earned yourself a vote but I have a few things:

I really think that there should be features like, being able to edit replay footage when it comes, more titles and costumes, more swarm features like pvp arenas and spleef rings, and maybe just maybe no custom server limit (on time)