Keep The Hub Train Year Round

Keep the Train in the hub year-round.

During the Holiday Update 2021, Hive added a train to the hub. This train became insanely popular and a solidified piece of the Hive Holiday hub.

A lot of people fell in love with the train, including me, and I made this suggestion.

Revamping the train to fit different hubs and themes would be better, but I would still love if the train had the same design for every hub.

Because the train was not laggy whatsoever, and because the code and programming and smart people stuff has already been figured out, I don’t think this would be too hard to reimplement.

Also, I don’t even care if the train isn’t in hub, it can be somewhere else, like maybe in arcade or something when it releases, but I really just want some sort of train to come back to hive.

Please read further in the thread to see revamp ideas from the community.

Don’t forget to vote, and thank you staff for reading and putting this suggestion into consideration.


I mean, they could just keep remodeling it. in Summer it could be a rollercoaster, or a log ride, during spring it could be… something else like that, you get me?



log ride would be fire


fr bro. you could like splash into water… and get eaten by sharks WOO /j

nah, but perhaps something lifts you up, not sure what though.


Yes it could be:
Winter: this train
Spring: a log ride
Summer: Roller Coaster?
Chinese New Year (if it does come back): a flying Chinese dragon or something like that
Autumn: Maybe like a sled but covered in orangish leaves??
Halloween: A haunted ride with ghost appearances and an old 1800s rusty and abandoned carriage :spooky:


Considering that they had to delay the train due to behind the scene errors/not finished, it might be an issue. Maybe not that many rides, but I do like the roller coaster

Maybe whenever they have a hub remodeling they could implement change the ride slightly


Yeah we definitely don’t want something too laggy, and not something that is a LOT of work, but at the least just revamp the train to match the season, and if hive really wants too, they should 100 percent use these ideas lol

Imagine on April Fools, it’ll just be a texture error to make people think Renderdragon gave up on them again.


The Pink Glitch Train!!!


That would be so funny lol

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The annoying thing is, I was going to make this post the following day, and I searched up to look for dupes (thinking there wouldn’t be any as it was BRAND NEW), and there was lol.


I was surprised I was the first one tbh and I made the topic super quick once I realized

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i vote, bc the hub needs more activities

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With the Christmas event ending soon I think the hive should see this

Time to ping the Hive…. @TheHive Please add this!! LOL


The train is gone :frowning:

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ah, but maybe they’ll readd it in future hubs.
they didn’t really have much time to design the train models.

Hive pls :sob::sob:


They can keep the train and might as well changing the texture through each HIVE hub changes. That might be something to look forward to each update.