Health Back From Kills?

Getting health back from kills would help people avoid getting picked off after a fight. Yeah, I think people would probably play a bit more aggro but players are already aggro so it won’t really matter. Also, it would make people think twice about pearling to someone after a fight. It would be really cool to see this kind of feature implemented.
edit: the health could be 1-2 hearts it doesn’t have to be anything really dramatic or it would become a really strong feature.

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That could actually become really useful for a 1v1v1 situation, or dealing with a group of people. It could be too powerful because it’s already possible to win those kinds of battles, and this could make the game way easier for top players.


I agree that it’s already helpful and I’ve made it out of some of these situations before but what about the average player? There aren’t that many “top” players out there that I’ve seen. Do you think the average player should avoid fights to avoid getting picked off right after? I think that adding this as a new feature would make people think a little more before engaging others after a fight.

You could of said this in a nicer way.


I can’t tell you how many times I have been finished off by some guy that came in after I took out 2-3 people.


I think they’ve already balanced this by adding the new spell. Interesting idea though. :slightly_smiling_face:


This should definitely be added. Getting cleaned up right after you were already in a long and tough fight is a big issue and I feel that gaining health upon getting a kill is the step in the right direction. This gets my vote 100%

Yes, but that spell is pretty rare and I don’t see many people using it too often.


Yes it gives people a chance when low

Well thats probably because you sit at your island and mine ores while others are actually playing skywars. You don’t have experience in this kind of situation because of that.

the new spell also needs a nerf because 4 hearts its waay too much anyways.

I don’t think 4 hearts is too much.


That idea is so nice :ok_hand:

This would make 2v1’s against competent players actually achievable


we need either health or strength


I personally think both. Like 3 seconds of strength + like 4 seconds of regen


Wouldn’t strength make cleaning too op


ehh maybe but it will keep u alive


thats what i was thinking, maybe 2 seconds at most.

and hive skyward is already too op, so I don’t think adding 2 seconds of strength will change the “too op scale”, and plus people are out here with 7 extra hearts.

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not in tresasurewars noooooo. but in skywars god please yes cleaners rule that game