Murder Mystery Swords

Hello Hive Team,

I think it’d be really cool to have different types of swords for the murder depending on the players level. Obviously the higher levelled swords have no advantages than the lower level swords.

For example on this suggestion
Levels 1-10 = Wooden Sword
Levels 11-24 = Stone Sword
Levels 25-49= Gold Sword
Levels 50-75 = Iron Sword
Levels 76-99 = Diamond Sword
Level 100 = Netherite

I fell this could be a really good feature in the next MM update.

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this actually isnt a bad idea - but hive still supports 1.14.6, so’d we’d have to wait for netherite swords.
i also think different swords should be unlocks


This would be cool, but I would find it strange to get one shot killed by a wooden sword…


This seems like a really good idea and a new way to implement leveling up. The only problem I see is that they’d have to add the swords to levels that are already out because (as far as I know) they aren’t added new levels to MM so they might not wanna do this.



As murderer with sword you always one shot othe people. It’s not like you need to attack a guy 5 times with wooden sword…
also very nice idea take my :ballot_box:


So you wouldn’t find it stupid that someone kills you with a wooden sword in one hit? Let’s just say this would be IRL, if someone would poke you with a stick you would die instantly?

I guess we could put Sharpness V on the swords, so it would be more realistic. Also I’m not saying the suggestion is bad, in fact I like it, I’m just pointing out something…

It’s a video game…

…where normally getting hit by a iron sword won’t end up in death, but ok

The point is it doesn’t have to make sense lol


Yeah, I know what video games are…

I don’t want to start an argument, so I’ll say that this being realistic or not, I like this sword suggestion and I want it to be in the game

Good idea! Maybe instead of Netherite you could have an enchanted Diamond Sword since the hive still supports 1.14.6

Insane gamer idea. I really hope the support for netherite swords happens, as I’d be able to use it, and It would be really cool.

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cough @AdeptConqueror never thanked me for the skin I sent him. rip

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Thank you so much @Brialgic !

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lmao ok. back on topic…

Bunp coz this needs to be added big time.

although this is a good idea, there are a few flaws.

  1. People can tell what lvl the murderer is resulting in people playing more annoying just because you’re a high lvl

  2. If hive in the future add new lvls how are they going to add more swords? There are only wooden, stone, iron, gold, diamond and netherite swords

If you’re worried about that, just use the wooden sword, as I assume it would be like any other unlockable

They don’t necessarily have to, they didn’t add more running particles to dr when they added more levels, and I doubt the hive will give murder mystery more levels any time soon, when they still have games with only 20 levels


I actually had this idea a while back but didnt post about it, and maybe they can have enchanted swords and axes in bundles