Murder Mystery Swords

Bump cause this should be added

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Well seeming as we have now seen clank giving netherite stuff to YouTubers, they can support it within murder mystery.


Cool Idea! Yea, I think this would be a nice thing to have to show your level in murder mystery. I would find it nice to have different types of swords.

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its a good idea except all those wooden swords will camo into the blocks around you

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Hello! Sadly this is a duplicate and has already been suggested and talked about. Please use the :mag_right: to check for duplicates when suggesting.
Edit: Different knives

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Why not?

Where?? β€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Ž

It’s against the rules because people can just read your name and click to see your profile from anywhere.


Can you please link the og topic?

The only topic I could find that was earlier than July 2020 was this topic that only got one vote and hasn’t been bumped for over a year. Besides, it didn’t specifically state different swords.

Still is a great idea, TurboHippo.

Uhm where is the link then. That was an unnecessary comment.

This idea is epic so I vote

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A helper never told me off :rage::rage::rage:

This is the link Different knives

That post was made ages ago and also isn’t really the same since they wanted stuff like karambits and kB nemo this is saying to add swords and stuff

Also, that is technically AFTER the date of July 2020.

Yeah. Not a duplicate.

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Hypixel also has cookies as a sword

Lol why unnecessary comment it’s kinda the same only this post only has swords

Yes in a way they are similar but they are also different enough. This one just wants different swords that already in the game. That one wants just a bunch of different items for it. Because they are different enough it would not make sense to say they are duplicate, they want similar but different things.

this was made before the suggestion you linked lol


it’s not a dupe so I’m pretty sure its unnecessary