Hello, why did you click on my profile

Anyways, I should write something here, shouldn’t I :thinking:

I am a Windows 10 player, but I have a HORRIBLE pc, so I’m not good at pvp and games lags a lot :cry:
My fav minigame on Hive is Death run (lvl. 28) :skull: :running_man:

About other things outside of mc/hive:
I am really interested in nintendo, though I don’t any console from it, but I played some old games on emulators
I like Undertale, if it isn’t clear from my pfp
I don’t really like pop/rap music, but I love game OSTs (Touhou, Undertale…)
I watch anime, but I consider myself as a casual, as I don’t watch them very often. I watched MHA, Kaguya, Koe no Kotachi, which is my fav film, and more series

And for irl… i don’t have irl life and I have no friends (as expected…)
But I swim and I read books

Congrats for reading all of this