P chat on hive UI

Sometimes when i’m in a party, someone might ask me a question and i answer the question in p chat and then i go back to game chat to answer (this is not the only scenario where this happens), i feel like there should be an indicator on the UI telling me whether or not i’m in party chat.I’d love to hear your thoughts about this :slight_smile:

Nice idea Void! Very helpful :smile:


Sure this could work

But you could just use /pc for party chat.

He means so if you’re going to talk to someone who isn’t in your party then you could see if you’re in p chat


If party chat is enabled, an indicator would show up. But if it’s disabled, with nothing be there?

That can be something

there can maybe be something that says; Party Chat:On/Off

Personally I think that if Party chat is off, there shouldn’t be an indicator. I don’t use the toggle; I just use /pc. For those like me, an indicator would take up space, but if it showed up for people who use the toggle, that’s great.


I say gg in the party chat tons
I feel like a mug
Please add this, it would be so helpful

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You know how when you switch from/to party chat it says “your channel is now party” or something similar? My guess is that when Swarms come you’ll also be able to switch to Swarm chat, so it could just display what chat channel you’re in at a corner instead of saying “party chat: on” or “party chat: off”.

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hey void ,party chat is yellow in color while normal chat is white and it will tell u if u r in party chat when u type /pc

i know, but people such as myself keep forgetting i’m in p chat and talk to someone who isn’t in the party through p chat lol


I’ve also seen Luca have certain incidents when he didn’t know he was in p chat so very helpful for staff

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It could say party in the top right as part of them game ui

I think this is super useful (I’m extremely forgetful)!! However, I think it would only work if an indicator only showed up while you were in party chat. Maybe a small symbol or something like that would be awesome :slight_smile:

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possibly a green dot when it’s on, and red when it’s off, or just nothing at all when it’s off