Keep inventory on CS

As a lot of players might refer to it as “sumo”, the basic concept is practicing PVP and just having fun on a custom server on the hive. Specifically, in Treasure wars as if your treasure is alive you respawn. I think that it’s really annoying when you fill your inventory full of things and go to PVP your friend and when you die you lose your stuff that was in your inventory. This feature would be very easy to implement and would save so much time for others who just want to either practice or have fun. Lastly, this might seem not needed but it would be even better if treasures could be switched to not auto destroy after a certain amount of time so you don’t have to keep restarting the cs every time the treasures are gone and someone dies.

Well that takes time

And this would be nice

I vote

@Ricksbinder vote ur own suggestion lol


Bumping this, since I made a duplicate topic about this and this needs to be added.

Bumping because without it CS can get annoying, maybe you could even make it so only certain players have keep inventory like if you’re playing cops and robbers.

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Bumping to promote this further and to see what new and old users think about this


I am bumping this as it would be a really good feature that would save so much time, I would use this a lot.

Why isn’t this added yet lol (This was a joke)

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oh yeah I’d love that