Ability to Increase/Decrease the Time Limit in CS's (Hive+)


i did search for this and didn’t find anything, but forgive me if it’s a dupe

it’s annoying, isn’t it? the timer.
sometimes you want to play in that CS for longer, but all of a sudden the timer ends, and you have to make a new one.

being able to increase the time limit for the CS (or decrease it if you need to, for quicker games) would get rid of that problem, by intervals of 1 minute.

you can actually finish that first-to-5-kills skywars 1v1 without it ending too quick, or prolong that sumo.
aside from pvp, making dr CS’s shorter can be good if you think someone will take too long.
and any other example you can think of

this feature should be available with Hive+, since Regulars can abuse it (as said below in replies).
on the topic of abusing, the limit of how long you can make the CS should also be limited.
going by game:

TW = Maximum Time is 45 minutes (you’d probably fool around most in TW CS’s). Minimum Time is 1 minute.

SW = Maximum Time is 20. Minimum Time is 1 minute.

SG = Maximum Time (-DeathMatch) is 25 minutes. Minimum Time (-DeathMatch) is 1 minute. Maximum DeathMatch Time is 10 Minutes. Minimum DeathMatch Time is 30 seconds.

DR = Maximum Time is 15 Minutes. Minimum Time is 2 Minutes. Maximum Time after somebody finishes is 2 minutes. Minimum Time after somebody finishes is 20 seconds.

MM = Maximum Time is 15 Minutes. Minimum Time is 1 minute.

JB = Maximum Time is 30 Minutes (basically removes the “quick build” thing. Minimum Time is 1 minute.
HNS = Maximum Time is 15 minutes. Minimum Time is 1 minute.
LTM = As fits.

also, if this were to be added, these would be good partners

lmk if i got some stuff wrong please, ty


Uhhh but then the sales of hive+ will drop a bit because some people buy it for more cs in a day but if they add this people will just extend the time for like 1-2 hours then play and there will be no need to buy hive+ for cs

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hold up then lemme edit this, you’re very right thank you

Your welcome

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Most maps are easily sub 2 minutes

I’d suggest maximum time 15 minutes and minimum time 1?

I did something similar: Time change in Custom Servers

I don’t really mind tho since you went in depth a lot

welp i knew there had to be someone else who suggested it. the topics could perhaps be merged if you’d like

this is an amazing idea but i feel hive would not allow it cos then ppl would bot need hive+ to get more cs time as they can just play forever

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I’m pretty sure this servers cost a bunch of money, that’s why they expire if they haven’t started, or the game sends you back to replay hub if you spend too much time watching a replay cinema… So maybe if you extend the time of your custom servers, your limit would decrease. It would be balanced,. Win for us because we have more time, and win for the Hive because thee servers in total are actually less

Bump, because it’s an amazing suggestion.

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hello, sorry if this bump annoys anyone.

i was 1v1ing yesterday and ran outta time.
was boutta make a suggestion, then i remembered i alr did that lmao.

ummm if hive were to reallly make this a thing, there wouldnt be a point for time limts anymore if u could just increase it

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This would only be for Custom Servers, not regular games
If you mean something else please explain
Time limits can be annoying if you are sumo’ing or doing voidless treasure wars
small bump

“cs” is literally in the title lol.

anyways, starting to think this isn’t a good idea cus it takes a bit away from Hive+ as ppl said above.

  • Bad idea, stupid
  • Good idea
  • Good idea but should be Hive+ exclusive

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Edit: realises i already wrote that it should be a Hive+ thing
I’ll leave this up, if yall agree then I’ll emphasize it or smth.
Edit 2: done

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I think this is a great suggestion! This happens to me a lot and it is very annoying, Especially in skywars custom servers.


bumping this to ask a question

Should this be a feature in…
  • Only Skywars cs’s
  • All cs’s

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I feel like it should only be in the pvp cs’s because idk why you would need more time in like dr

You could have less time in deathrun for trying to beat a record, in hs you could make it easier for the seekers, etc

i would LOVE this voted :cubee: :cubee:

i’m pretty sure this is already a deathrun cs feature correct me if i’m wrong