Time change in Custom Servers

Hello forum-ers!

I thought of a quality of life feature that might be cool to use in custom servers. The idea: changing the time limit!

Obviously you can’t change the time limit above what the default time limit is (which means you can’t set death run above 5 min, and you can’t set treasure was above 25 min).

Although these limits would be in place, you can do things like quick building in just build, or speed rounds in sky wars.

I think this would be a nice edition to have, and something fun to mess around with.

Alright, thanks for reading!

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Oh… that’s all I really wanted
It’s sucks to not have enough time for sumo or practicing whatever, without being available to go above the usual time, you’re not able to do most of the things you’d do with a customized game length. There’s only a few uses for a shorter time

Well maybe, you could. It would really be what the hive can have available at the time