'PBMM is on' chat message

i feel like a nice QoL feature to add would be to add a simple message to show that Platform Based Matchmaking (PBMM for short, used in the title) is on; the message would appear as soon as the game starts, along with the ‘No teaming/cross-teaming’ message. This could be handy so you can know what tactic to use, as my tactics vary depending on the other players platform.

Nice idea, this also might put somewhat of a stop to people coming and clogging the forums with “pLaYiNg MoBiLe WiTh a CoNtRolLeR iS uNfAiR!! tHeY nEeD tO bE bAnNeD!!!”

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This needs to be added, if PBMM isn’t on, I’ll join a new game/round.
Maybe change the name “PBMM” to Mobile Only Game so little kids can understand?

LOL that’s not how it works.
It depends on the total amount of players in a mode. So the PBMM will be active in all matches of the gametype you’re playing.


Voted cuz this is a genuinely good idea imo and it’ll help mobile players a lot.


Emphasis on a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Platform Based Matchmaking chat message would help a lot but I prefer to have it when I join the game lobby where you can change your game unlocks and vote for maps.


Searching you a game of Solos (Treasure Wars)
zWhxtDoUWxnt joined. [7/8]
§gPlatformbased matchmaking is §aenabled §gin this game. §7[§9Touch vs. Touch§7]


I like the mock-up. This would prolly be better since some players wouldn’t wanna get into a game, learn it’s not PBMM. they’ll wanna leave but at the same time, they may not wanna ruin their win/loss ratio

Yeah, I would do that too. If it says PBMM is off, I think every mobile player except for Oreologist would leave the game.

:clap: thats :clap: not :clap: how :clap: it :clap: works :clap:

nah you’re the only one who would do that


I don’t think u understand that most mobile players don’t care enough about who they play against


Mobile isn’t hard to “Get good” on. Just practice (Like any other platform has to do) and you will get better. If a garbage controller player gets put against mobiles, the mobiles will win. If a garbage mobile player gets put against good controller players, the controller players will win. And believe me, after playing mobile for 8 years, I think I know what I’m talking about.


Exactly it depends on the player not on the platform that he/she uses.

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hive please add this, it would make mobile players like me’s lives so much easier and would be nice with the new sg update


bump, because this should be seen by newer players

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I have no idea why, but as a switch player, half of my games end up being mobile queues LOL. This would help a lot though for not just mobile players, but for controller players as well because pc players are a huge annoyance, and I would love to be able to not get a bunch of pc players in my game

Excellent idea :+1: