[Warning: Mammoth Suggestion] Hive Honeycoin - YAIGC

Hive Honeycoin - YAIGC (yet another in game currency

(yes ik theres been another post similar but this is slightly different, you’ll see.)

Hive HoneyCoin, or just HC, would be(e) a currency earned while playing in the Hive!

How to earn HoneyCoin!

HoneyCoin can be earned in a variety of ways, depending on what you do! It can be earned by:

Playing Games

In each game, there would be criteria based upon tasks within the game, that earn HoneyCoin. These criteria are listed below.

All Games (unless stated otherwise)

3rd Place = 12 HC
2nd Place = 15 HC
1st Place = 20 HC

Treasure Wars

Kill a Player = 3 HC
Final Kill a Player = 5 HC
Final Kill a Team (duos + only) = 10 HC
Collect Gold = 1 HC per 12 gold
Collect Diamond = 1 HC per 6 diamond
Collect Emerald = 1 HC per 2 emerald


Kill a Player = 3 HC
Final Kill a Team (duos +) = 10 HC
Open a Mystery Chest = 3 HC
1st Place on Sky Royale = 25 HC

Survival Games

Kill a Player = 3 HC
Final Kill a District = 5 HC
Open a Supply Crate = 5 HC

Just Build

Place 100 Blocks = 3 HC
Get 3 Top Ratings = 10 HC

Hide and Seek

Survive for 1 minute = 2 HC p/minute
Taunt = 1 HC
Kill a Player = 3 HC
Final Kill a Block Type = 5 HC
Most Taunt Points = 15 HC
Longest Hidden = 15 HC
Most Blocks Killed = 15 HC

Note: 1st, 2nd and 3rd don’t apply.


Kill a Player = 1 HC per player
Get a Monster Kill or better = 10 HC plus player count HC
Reach a Checkpoint = 3 HC

Murder Mystery

Survive a Minute = 2 HC per minute
Kill a Player with Sword = 3 HC
Kill a Player with Throwable = 5HC
Collect a Coin = 1 HC
Kill the Murderer = 15 HC
Most Coins = 15 HC
Win as Murderer = 15 HC

Note: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places dont apply.

HoneyCoin collectings are displayed to each player at the end of each game. EG, i killed the murderer and collected 12 coins, at the end of the game, Hive tells me “27 HoneyCoins has been added to your balance.”

Not applicable in CS.

Exploring the Hub

Around the Hub there are many places of interest. Why shouldn’t there be rewards!
Each of these can be repeated once daily.

The Castle Throne = 2 HC
The Fountain = 2 HC
The Docks = 3 HC
The Campsite = 3 HC
The Quest Masters House= 4HC
The Farm = 4 HC
The Edge of the Hive= 5 HC
The Highest Tower = 6 HC

Completing Parkour

The parkour in the hive usually have no point or one reason to do it. Not now!
Each of these can be completed daily

Hub Stage 1 = 3 HC
Hub Stage 2 = 12 HC
All Parkour courses in Game Lobbies = 4 HC
Hub Event Bonus Courses = 5 HC

Not applicable in CS.

Login Streak

There are 2 Login Streak Bonuses Currently. After you get a year there is really no reason to keep your streak. Not now!

1 HC every day. Every 5 days, that goes up by one. For example, Streak is 1 - 1 HC. Streak is 5. 2 HC. And so on.

This 5-day-bonus applies to all sources of HoneyCoin. If i had a 20 day streak and killed the murderer in MM, I would get 19 HC. (15 + 4) You can see how this would begin to add up over time.


As an added bonus, Ranked Players can get HC bonuses and increases!

Bonuses are an added daily source of HC as long as you login, meaning it doesn’t affect anything else. Not affected by Increases.

Increases are a HC multiplier, meaning they affect everything but bonuses. If needed, amounts are always rounded dow to the nearest whole number.


Regular = 0 HC Daily
Hive+ = 3 HC Daily
YT/Streamer/TikTok = 5 HC Daily
VIP = 8 HC Daily


Regular = 0%
Hive+ = 25%
YT/Streamer/TikTok = 50%
VIP = 100%


HC could also be earned from Events.


Being top 1k on the global leaderboards can get you a monthly fixture of HC depending on your placement!

Your Placement is subtracted from 1k and muliplied by 10 to calculate your monthly prize. Eg, rank 378 would get 6220 HC per month if they keep their rank. (1000 - 378 = 622, * 10 is 6220. Formula: HC = (1000 - RANK) * 10)

What can it do?

HC could be used for many things!


Someones Birthday? Pay them some HC as a present because you forgot to buy them something real.

A /pay <player> <amount of HC> would be used.
Everyone’s favourite MailBot delivers the HC to the recipient!

Honey Store

A “Honey Store” would be available to buy all your Happy-Hive needs! This would have a limited stock on items per player, maybe even some for the entire network! I won’t list a full list of items for sale but a list of possible items could be:

XP Boosters 1 Hour = 1k HC

XP Boosters 24 Hours = 20k HC

HC Boosters 1 Hour(more on this later) = 3k HC

Costume Gift = 50k HC (500k stock, network, weekly)

Specific Costumes = 25k HC - 30k HC

Minigame Cosmetics (add more without adding levels) = 0.5k HC - 2.5k HC

Extra Daily Quest = 40k HC (3 stock, per player, weekly)

Bee Costume = 1m HC (100 stock, Network, quarterly)

The store items could change weekly or monthly, and some offers could stay permanently, or when stock exists.


Bank your HC!
Banking means your HC is safe, and cannot be lost. It can’t be used while in there, it needs to be taken out first.

You can bank HC every 6 hours, and banking takes 10% of the amount deposited.

Withdrawal is free and can be done as often as you like.

“But why would i bank my money?”, i hear you ask. Well, after the end of every month, money in your bank is increase by 5%! Par example, if you have 1,626 HC in your bank, you’ll end up with 1,707 HC! It will always be rounded down if needed.



  • oHCv + ((oHCv / 100) * i)
    oHCv: original HoneyCoin value
    i: interest (5, could be changed and tweaked, maybe increasable in game!)

Anything Else?

HoneyCoin Boosters (1 hour/24 hour)

  • Boosts HC income by an additional 50% for the duration of the booster.
  • 1 Hour can be bought from the Honey Store and the Hive Store
  • 24 Hour can be bought from the Hive Store.

HoneyCoin cannot be purchased from the Hive Store.

I spent a long time writing all this, so i hope you like it! Add your ideas, i might add them to this suggestion! More is definitely to come from me as well!


the og costume?

not sure if someone would play 24hrs tho

Yeah the OG one, thats why its at 1 Million HC and only 100 are available on the whole network every 3 months.

And also its basically just like it lasts a whole day so yeah i guess but yknow some might

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btw, is this all the mini game cosmetics in the shop or only 1 out of the many cosmetics that can be bought?

sheesh, thats gonna be hard to get

maybe add another option for 1.5M - 2M HC for the bee costume but there isn’t limited stock?

feel like this could be exploited with someone hacking into your acc and transferring all your HC to their acc

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Losing 2 HC is a bit too much for death run.

im not gonna lie

my brain kinda died there and i meant that much apiece but that’s like kinda darn expensive

lemme edit that rq

exception time

its 3 am and i haven’t slept sorry

Dia this is a great idea!
Hive should definitely add this after swarms if they ever come
You have my vote :slight_smile:

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Also a suggestion for death run you should make a way to gain HC for going through portals so you make HC if your not death.

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its not like they have to add too much

just kinda yoink the ring shop and rings, un sonic it, and add a few things yknow


yaaaa great idea

Exactly shouldn’t be that hard just change a few thing and
Bada bing bada boom!



i thought that the sprite or whatever could be like a golden honeycomb or something

Definitely an interesting idea, but I feel like there are a couple issues

This kind of defeats the purpose of login streaks. Sure, it’s expensive, but still.

Ehh, this would be kind of frustrating, and not serve much of a purpose.

I also disagree with losing honeycoin, at least for the reasons you gave(I doubt there are any reasons I’d like)

This would just make people rage quit more if they lose or die, or worse, get tilted(pretty much when you get frustrated in a way that makes you perform worse, but still keep playing), and then lose more and more honeycomb.

I feel like this would just make spawnkilling worse, as there are plenty of trolls.

Making you lose coins for wrongly accusing in murder mystery wouldn’t really be possible either, unless you mean shooting a player who’s inno. And that would still just be annoying, sometimes there are people acting like they’re rushing at you to kill you in murder mystery.

This would punish a non-issue, sometimes people just have to leave, or sometimes they crash too. And there’s not many issues that come from people leaving early imo, maybe denying people kills or a death leaving in dr. But people can deny kills in most games by just killing themselves anyways, and for dr, lots of people just don’t like being death, so this would be forcing them to play in a way they don’t want to.


I see those arguments as very valid.

I get the losing thing, i wanted to balance it as more of something to protect and also kinda as motivation to win. I think it would be easier to gain HC than lose it as well

As for the streak freeze thing, i understand that and yes it kinda does but my main thinking was like if someones on holiday and can’t login, they’re gonna lose the streak and there’s nothing they can do, so that would solve it.

As for the entire network, its mainly to limit it to a “get it before its gone” situation. If you think the values need tweaking im open to suggestions, but it was mainly for things that are meant to be rare and also as to not mean the server income would drop because thats only how costumes would be obtained yknow

I think i might lower the death penalty a bit

I lowered the Losing penalty, death penalty, and removed the MM penalty and also lowered the quitting penalty substantially.

This is really good! I’ve never written a suggestion as well as this before. It’s also a very good idea. The ring shop was excellent. Have a vote.

However, only complementing this won’t help much at all, so I have a idea to make it better.

Due to how useful a Streak Freeze would be, it should be a lot more expensive. I’m thinking 175-225k for seven days and 30-50k for one day.

Do the Honey coins reset after a day, week, never such as the one for completing the parkour or exploring the hub?

I prefer fun over winning and the losing honeycoins thing will force me to try to win instead of enjoying the game!
( I am bad at pvp but still play sw/tw and die almost every time! If i lose honeycoins everytime i lose. I am sure ill be broke :sweat_smile:)

i dont want to loose honeycoins but yeah! the idea is good

Great suggestion!

This would really improve the experience for me playing TW and SW.

I do have a few concerns with it though:

I am not sure about Microsoft’s/Minecraft’s policy or rules on this but it might be considered gambling, even though it is not real money, it could get people addicted to gambling.

With hives, and Minecraft in general’s young player base, this might be against the rules.

Also, would the ability to purchase costumes with HC
make less people buy hive products.