New Honey Currency


[Honey currency]

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[A new currency system I want to call “honey”. You can earn these honey by winning in minigames (skywars, treasure wars) Only the 3rd, 2nd, 1st winners get a honey prize, 4th below doesn’t get any honey. You can also get honey from the quest master. In the hub, there is a honey store where you can buy things like 1 hour boosters, costumes, etc. (I edited my suggestion)]

skyblock is long term game
Hive is minigame server.
vote for skyblock here: Skyblock (new game suggestion)
without skyblock your currency will be useless so vote it there^^


so basically the quest master system, but with skyblock added to it

I edited it, do you think its now good?

So, [Warning: Mammoth Suggestion] Hive Honeycoin - YAIGC ?


so basically the quest master, but with no quests

Hmm this is an interesting idea! It is very similar to the quest master like others have mentioned. Like you mentioned how only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place would get the honey prize, would that mean they are the only ones to get honey? Making it so they are the only ones able to access the honey store? And with this idea would having the quest master not be as useful besides for purchasing honey? it did seem very similar to the link Royaltoast sent, how would it be different from that idea? I think it’s a cool idea, but with a bit more explaining on the idea it would help other users understand the idea a bit better with perks and how it works! Thank you for sharing! :blobheart: