"The Arcade" Game Idea: Hitmen

Hitmen would be a fast paced Mixed Arcade Game where you spawn with a players name and you would have to hunt that player down before the person that got your name gets you.

[If you die you will be spectating. But if you kill someone you get a new player name and you have to hunt him down. Also if you are being attacked by the person that has a hit on you, you can fight back but you can’t fight the other players]

Last man standing wins.

Feel free to sugest any feedback.

[Edit] this game would be a lot better in a party games gamemode within arcade, if hive added party games.


Damn that’s actually a good game idea woah



That’s actually simple and good

I need it

great idea worth my vote (I have none left rip)

This is a good idea! I’ve always liked assassins, so it would be great for the hive to have it in mixed arcade, where this wouldn’t be as much of an issue

This is a great idea (everyone type so more people see this)

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Hey there! :wave: :beedance:

This is such a good idea. I totally would play this game. You have my vote! :slight_smile:

GREAT IDEA. :beedance: Yes people keep typing so they see this and vote for it.


Thanks for the feedback!


A goated idea or a GOAqed idea


LOL good one. :grin: :sweat_smile: :laughing: :rofl: :joy:


Was this in Hypixel?
Nevertheless, I agree with this. Great idea!

It is, as a submode of murder mystery(assassins)

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I like to see when im chasing by noob player and i make him fly

I would say it should take maybe 4 hits to kill someone.


Cool idea! I feel like this could be great for mixed arcade or as a sub mode in MM.

maybe it could be a way to integrate the netherite sword into the Hive though it will likely not happen

quite pogchamp. defo should be added

dont double post.

I’m not saying this suggestion is bad or stealing but doesn’t Hypixel have this or something similar?