New MM Game mode: Assassins

In Assassins, everyone is given a target. You can only kill your assassin and your target. To make it easier on the hive, everyone should be automatically wearing a random costume from the shop (they don’t keep it outside the game mode) and the innocents get a map or other item in their inventory that tells them who there target is and a sword. If you kill your target, their target is now yours. If you kill your assassin, their assassin is now yours. The game ends when there are two people left. Podium stats ideas: Most kills, and then the two winners on either side.


Good idea, but I think it should be based on placements, since the last two people would have each other as their target.


I would personally love for this to be added! It retains the “mystery” aspect of the game because you never know where or your assassin might be. Right now murder mystery has gotten pretty stale and repetitive for me, with the real mystery being whether or not the murderer is AFK. This gamemode would keep you on your toes at all times trying to figure out who your assassin is, and where your target is.


This’d be very fun. Though, for Podium ideas, it could be:

  1. The Last Three Standing
  2. Most Kills, Last Death and First Death
    Either way, this would be SUPER Cool and I like the idea.
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Also, I think that right now, Murder Mystery is pretty dull, as you have a big chance to practically have no role whatsoever. We all know that being the Murderer is the only fun part, so this makes it pretty cool. I also think that the lobbies should fill up with 6-12 players and have bigger maps. Map ideas are

  1. A mall
  2. A Big Maze-Type Library
  3. A Factory
  4. A Village

Another Idea is to let everyone use an ability to see in which direction their assassin is every 10-60 seconds. Really love the idea!

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Assassins is definitely a very fun gamemode. I don’t think new maps are needed for it though, and the coin system can be kept(maybe removing bows)

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Bows could be used for killing your assasin, and the sword could be used to kill your target. You could get 1 arrow for every 10 coins.

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That could work. It would also make it more unique than hypixel’s, which the hive likes


Great idea, You Son Of a Gun, Im In


This was Jolly’s reply when I asked if Assassins would be in the upcoming murder mystery update

doesn’t look like it’s happening, unfortunately


That’s a rip then

Love the idea absolutely AMAZING
Only downfall is that it would be too much like hypixel and apparently there tryin not to be like hypixel to much but if the hive could do this i would thank you sooook much

necro or no

  • no
  • get ban

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It’s only a necro if it’s more than a month old. Also, @Marvelguy231, they confirmed they won’t add assassins