Punching A player With the party Book Invite them to Your Party

If you don’t want to type out /invite PlayerName3521 You should be able to hit them with your book to invite them.

Sometimes when a player has a space in their name it is impossible to party someone. Sometimes they have a very complex name and you need to read it like 20 times to invite correctly. This takes away the hassle.

The only possible problem with this would be people running around inviting everyone… To fix that just add a 15 second timer in between uses.

This is a very good idea please vote

duplicate post

I don’t see a post like this besides this one? :confused:


This idea would be part of Character Profile in hub so I guess vote on this because the additional things are useful too.

Edit: @HolyPotato263 ^^^^
Edit 2: @Arthur78234 READ THIS

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yes pls

I don’t get into parties but if I did this would help a lot.

@BlueSlimeMC are you @ ing me because I was typing at the same time as you???

No, just READ my post though and you will understand

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I still don’t get it.
Sorry, I am really dumb lmao

You delete your reply, Ryan is right, the other suggestion is the same and better even so vote on that…

@LilTubBubble you can invite someone with a space in their name but putting these “”, for example: /p invite “My Friend”

I already voted.

There isn’t a damn need to argue or fight. The other topic didn’t say anything about punching a player with the party book to invite them. This is pretty much a different suggestion to that as the other post never mentioned how they would invite them then just ‘without using a name.’ Calm yo damn self.