Character Profile in hub

Add a profile for each player thats accessible via right clicking someone within hub

What this so called “Profile” would allow:

  • invitation to partys without typing out the name
  • adding friends without typing the name
  • favourite gamemode (what that specific player has played the most)
  • gamemode levels
  • and any other features…

The point of this…

  • ease of access, especially for adding friends that have spam as there names
  • finding parties for those who cant/ dont use discord
  • expanding parties fast

Think this is a good idea because it might help a lot even including trying to find random party.


It should also show the avatar in the screen. But you’d need a way to turn off friend requests/ party invites from this menu if you don’t want to be spammed


I think this a great idea, would make life less stressful. Not having to use the laggy party menu.


This would be great! I would use this often! :slight_smile:

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Would be cool to have the friend’s status too.
Like if he’s online right now there should be a text like « Status : Online »
If he isn’t online, the text should be Last online : x hours ago
If he wasn’t online more than 24 hours, the text should be : Last online : x days ago