“Forumer” hub title

Add a “The Forumer” hub title in game. You would get this by signing up to the forums.

“The Ultimate Forumer” maybe another title. You would get this by getting regular in the forums

Obviously the Hive doesn’t own Discourse (the thing that the forums were made with) so idk if you could get the titles automatically but I think doing letting the staff do it manually wouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

The Hive wouldn’t need this but I think this would be a nice way to tell people “Hey! I’m on the forums!”


yes, this is good, how do u register the ign, you could just change ur ign to alt names to spam get this hub title, but idk if u can change ur ign or not…

What would be the point of needing more than one of the same hub title tho lmao

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so u could hv it on alts ez

i could give my sister it by changing my ign to @itslemon529 tho lol

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Bruh. maybe when you sign up they send you a code which you need to put inside the Hive chat like this: /redeem code (code inside here). Once it’s redeemed you can’t use it again.


good idea, does the /redeem do anything, or is it when u nitro boost the discord?

/redeem isn’t a command yet. Or at least I don’t think so lmao

I lost regular does that still count or should it be the hub title of
The bad former


ye, it is ??? u never tried to randomly guess a code, i did this when i joined the hive, so so long ago

Edit; staff pls don’t ban me lol


Oop lmao lemme fix dat

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Why did u loose regular? :thinking:

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If you are suspended/banned, you become ineligible for regular and it’s removed if you have it.


Actually, I believe you still can.

After 100 days after being suspended (or silenced), the “progress” restarts and you can get regular again (but obviously you can’t immediatly or quickly get it again, as it takes a lotta time to get it the first time).


@Arthur does not have regular yet but he will again

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yes so i can flex to the randoms that don’t even know about the forums


Someone come up with cool colours which the title could be made out of


I think there should only be one title for forums if they do make one, but maybe just for regulars or maybe they can make another rank for being on forums for at least a year.


Yes so to clarify what ariannasv22 just said

Make a hub title for regulars

Make a hub title for people who have been on the forums for a year

Maybe just maybe a costume too


There is already many hub titles that you can get, but sure I think that would be a great idea, would give people the knowledge that your participating with the community