Selectable Gift Messages

Hello everybody! :wave:

My suggestion for today is selectable gift messages!
When gifting, there will be a selection of phrases that can be sent with the gift!
For example:
“Hey! Here’s a gift from me to you!”
“I wrapped this gift for you!”
“Feel free to wear this new costume anytime you wish!”
And many more!
The gift and gift message would be told through Mailbot. This would make sending gifts much more personalised :blobheart:

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to hear what the community thinks.

Love the idea! You have my vote


Awesome idea! I want to see this happen (not that I get any gifts)


I like this. We can’t do custom messages due to the 1-on-1 rule, but offering some choice in presets will definitely add a personal touch to the gift.


i have no clue why, but imagine someone would give a gift with the worst ever costume and a offensive message with the gift

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Cool suggestion, it would be nice to have more personalization with gifts.


The messages would be chosen from a preset list, so there would be no opportunity to abuse this system in the way you describe


i know, hope that these do exist, this does sound nice of a suggestion.


i love this idea! it’s a really nice touch to the current gifting system, you have my vote! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a very, very, good idea. I love the creativity, and the endless possibilities this idea can become!

This is maybe sort of a duplicate of this?

They are completely different suggestions :sweat_smile:
Mine refers to a selectable message with gifts, whereas that refers to notifying users on gifts received when offline.


This is a great idea! It would be great that you could pick between pre-generated messages, or make one yourself! This would really add a nice empathetic/more generous feel over “We are sure they will love it!”

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I don’t think that would be allowed, as it would be 1 on 1 messaging.


Love the idea! I voted for it UwU

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@OnlyOrbi, whats ur favorite color

idk why im asking this lol

This is an awesome idea! Love it! Totally agree. It could make it more personal and cool! :beedance: :mailbot: :blobheart:

:mailbot: + :gift: = :smiley: