Hey there!

I’m Youri, but please call me Clank! I’m one of the owners of The Hive and the creator of Trouble in Mineville, which was later merged with The Herobrine to create the original Hive minigame network.

These days, I focus mainly on the backend of The Hive. In less nerdy terms, it means that I more concerned with everything being online and running well, as opposed to actively working on minigame and visual content.

Please note that I don’t really deal with individual private matters - that’s not because I’m rude, that’s so I can spend my time working on cool new stuff for everyone to enjoy! I am fairly active in Discord and the general forums and often answer questions there. If you need personal help however, consider messaging a Helper or Moderator, or emailing our support: [email protected]

I hope you enjoy our work!