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This is the place to suggest and get feedback on any ideas and suggestions you may have for The Hive!

Rules & Guidelines
Please ensure that you have read the information below before posting your suggestion:

  • Please scan through this section and use the forum search function before posting to ensure that you are not creating a duplicate suggestion (something that has already been suggested). Please also check to make sure your idea isn’t already on our roadmap of planned features.
  • The voting feature of this section is a helpful way for us to gain an understanding of how popular a suggestion might be. However, please be aware that getting a large number of votes does not guarantee that your suggestion will be accepted!
  • If your suggestion is for a specific gamemode, please use the relevant category. If your suggestion isn’t specific to a gamemode, please use the ‘Anything else’ category.
  • Suggestions must be relative, realistic and implementable. No overpowered, copyrighted things.
  • Try to keep your idea to the point, nobody enjoys reading through a wall of text and you won’t get people’s attention by doing this!

Please use the following template:

TNT in TreasureWars

More info:
It would be cool if you were able to buy TNT from the store in TreasureWars. It could be used to destroy a player’s treasure defences.

When replying to a suggestion thread, please make sure your reply is useful. If you have nothing to add, please just give the post a vote! Stay away from comments like ‘I like this idea’ or ‘This should be added’.

You also do not need to reply to a suggestion just to tell the original poster to vote for their own suggestion.

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