Just Build - Update *Ideas*

Hello! I’m here for another post! :wave:
Today I’m going to suggest some changes I would like in Just Build, I really hope you like some of them.


I think it would be really cool to have custom walls in Just Build, I don’t know if it would be something that would make the game very laggy but I think it would be something very good!
I built some small constructions just to give examples, I’m not very good at construction but I hope I managed to explain my idea.

Shallow Ocean :fish:

Freako’s Bedroom :bed:

Miners’ Hideout :pick:

Harpoon City :oncoming_automobile:

Hullabaloo Planet :ringer_planet:


I wish Just Build had more cosmetics that more people besides you could see. That’s why I suggested custom walls and now I’m suggesting this: Custom Victory Sounds!
The name is pretty self-explanatory, but to sum it up… when the match ends, a fireball sound is played. With this addition, the sound that would play would be whatever the winner has selected in their locker.
So the sound could be:

  • The Invoker saying “wololo”
  • The sound of a notebook
  • The sound of a villager accepting a trade

It could also have different sounds, which are not in the Minecraft files, as we received at the Sonic event.


I feel that Just Build is a bit “left out”. I think we could get more 30 levels, with the max being level 50. That would make the game more fun. Here are some of my suggestions:

Level 21: “Bubble” Swirls
Level 22: “Turtle Shell” Helmet
Level 23: hub-title
Level 24: “Water” Victory Sound
Level 25: avatar
Level 26: “Shallow Ocean” Custom Wall
Level 27: “Rainbow” Swirls
Level 28: “8 Bit Song” Victory Sound (made with the bit noteblock)
Level 29: hub-title
Level 30: avatar
Level 31: “Cyan” Helmet
Level 32: “Freako’s Room” Custom Wall
Level 33: “Smoke” Swirls
Level 34: hub-title
Level 35: “Skeleton Head” Helmet
Level 36: “Beacon Activating” Victory Sound
Level 37: avatar
Level 38: “The Miners’ Hideout” Custom Wall
Level 39: “Camouflage” Swirls (light green, dark green and brown particles)
Level 40: “s t e v e’s head” helmet
Level 41: avatar
Level 42: “Anvil” Victory Sound
Level 43: “Harpoon City” Custom Wall
Level 44: hub-title
Level 45: “Rainbow” Swirls
Level 46: “Creeper Head” Helmet
Level 47: “Cave Sound” Victory Sound
Level 48: “Hullabaloo Planet” Custom Wall
Level 49: UFO Pet
Level 50: The Block Specialist Costume

SMALL CHANGE IDEAS :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Just Build Extended Solo and Duos could give twice as much XP to podium winners (top 3). I think this would be fair because the build time is longer and better builds are possible.

  • At the end of the game, your position on the scoreboard could be shown even if you have lost the game. Sometimes people are really curious about where they ended up on the scoreboard.

  • I think pets could appear during the voting period as it would not affect anything in the game. But if the person doesn’t want their pet to be followed, they could deactivate it through an item in the lobby before the game starts.

  • The quest “Place 100 blocks in Just Build” could be changed to “Place 100 blocks and finish the match in Just Build”. This could prevent people from simply spamming blocks and leaving the game.


I really like this suggestion from SimplyJohnB, it is a great idea for one of Just Build’s biggest problems, which makes a lot of players not want to play.
Consider going there to vote, as I think it would be a really cool addition and would look very different from other building voting minigames.

Consider checking out this suggestion from zRvsey too! The festive themes are very few, so at some point after many games, they become repetitive… This suggestion would solve that!

If you like it, please vote for them, they are great suggestions!

This is the end of the post! :mailbot:
Feel free to give your feedback on the suggestions given here in the comments… and if you liked at least any of them, consider giving me a vote, I would be very happy too!
A few days ago I made some suggestions for the Quest Master Update. But for now, I’m preparing a tier list with EVERY The Hive skins for this week, I hope you like it! :soft_cubee:

Thanks for reading! :cubee:


Wow u put effort into this !

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Unlockable custom walls are a big no in my opinion. I would like to see them when everyone can access them without having a certain level. Reason why is that they can help to showcase a build a lot better. Let’s say the theme/topic is “Fish” or anything else ocean related. Someone who’s level 26(+) and unlocked the “Shallow Ocean” custom wall could use the ocean background and everything would look cleaner as a build of someone who didn’t unlock the wall. A /wall command for everyone would definitely work better but I think that has been suggested before :smile:

But I agree, Just Build needs an update :clap:


Thank you for your comment!
When I came up with this idea, it was meant to be something you selected before the game started, as I find it very tedious for cosmetics to be just hats and particles.

Maybe it’s really a problem, but I hope it works.

Thanks again for your opinion! :smile:

I tried to make something cool because I really like Just Build but I feel like it hasn’t received anything new in a long time.

More levels will bring ppl back what a great idea

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Thank youu!
I hope to see new levels soon, but for that it would be necessary to change the xp gain.

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Technically it is the lower players “fault” (couldn’t think of a better word) and the higher level earned it

I dont really play jb but this would make me play more good ideas!

If you’ve ever grinded Just Build you would know how painful the current experience system is. :see_no_evil:

Giving high level players custom walls in just build is almost like giving high level innocents in Murder Mystery 5 free coins to get a bow faster, an unfair advantage to help high levels. And it’s not really the lower players ‘fault’ just because they didn’t grind it. :thinking:

Maybe have unlockable player flags instead? Not stolen from SkyWars cough. They wouldn’t affect the game as much as custom walls.


Wow! These are some great suggestions in my opinion.

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Thankss! :smiley:

Yes, some of the ideas I made thinking about people coming back to play the game :slight_smile:

Bumping :slight_smile:

Hello! Bumping, considering that forums is only for suggestions now.
Also, consider checking my other suggestions!

The Quest Master Update:

The Quest Master Update *Concept*

The Locker Preview

Paid Cosmetics Preview - The Locker 👕

The Jobs Cosmetic Bundle

The Jobs Bundle / Concept

Thank you (:



recently I’ve noticed that just build is actually the most played gamemode on hive right now so I think this would be perfect time to add an update with new themes, blocks, and features.
As a max lvl jb player I want to add my thoughts and additions to this post
My thoughts
I love all these idea but I think the wall unlocks should be for everyone because then people might vote on a build just because it had a good wall
So instead maybe there could be roof designs like this one “flower”

While I would love to see more levels
I think 50 would be way too hard at the rate of xp so instead maybe max lvl of 30.
Also here is another unlock idea I thought of (feel free to add it)

These could relate to the sounds that you suggested
more ways of xp
I thought of other ways to get xp because jb is really slow in xp
2 xp per 100 blocks this might seem small but it would add up
1 xp per minute of building
Now I also want to add another great post relating to just build which would give players qp for correct jb reports

And lastly I want to add my idea of a ban/kick system
Just build should have an afk system similar to mm and also you will get temp banned from just build if you don’t vote, always vote love, or always vote bad for multiple games

I would like to see people’s feedback on my additions to this amazing idea


Thank you for the bump!
Changes in the exp and the customizable roof are great ideas! I also like the victory particles suggestion.

I see that customizable walls were not such a liked idea, so adding a customizable roof or custom flags (like suggested by Luca) would be nice too!


No, sometimes i always vote meh bc sometimes all the builds are bad
And i dont wanna get banned for that

The chances of being in a game where all builds are bad is very low
So the ban system is to prevent unfair voting in any way but you probably wouldn’t get banned unless you were doing it constantly for multiple rounds

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That really isn’t true, I once tried maxing just build the first game I queued, it was filled with disgusting (explicit content) that people had built and all the other builds were bad, after that I gave up on maxing just build, and honestly in my opinion, bedrock is known for having really small children play and the facts that they can queue just build and see that sorta content disgusts me and I think just build should be removed.