A New and More Fair Voting System for Just Build

Replace the current voting system to a ranking based system where each player ranks (not rates) each build on a scale from their “least favorite” to “most favorite” builds. Each rank can only be used on one build per game.

More Info:
At the end of the build time, all builds are displayed in a single lobby with each build in their own respective plot for display.

From there, all players are free to look at each build at their own pace (within the given voting period) and rank each build on a scale from their “least favorite” to “most favorite” build. Each rank on the scale can only be used on one build per game, therefore making it impossible to “meh” every single build in a game because they can only “meh” on one build and are forced to give more positive ratings to the other builds.

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Considering there are 11 other builds per game, this could be quite complicated.


This is a really interesting and original idea, I really like it because you could compare builds to eachother, instead now, you have nothing to base of off to say if a build deserves the rating you’re giving it.


Woah it’s John
I love this idea, but I’m wondering how this would work.
I was thinking they could somehow get rid of the walls at the end of the initial viewing session so we can fly around to each person’s build, but that might be too big of a feat to accomplish. Maybe they could just drop the barrier blocks similarly to how deathrun works, then maybe have floating markers above each plot that contains a build similarly to bases in treasure wars; color coded to help distinguish which build is from each team.
Another thing I thought of: how exactly are we gonna be able to rank each one? Not enough space in our hotbar for a full game. Commands would just be tedious. I was thinking about something like a physical board next to each build and you can just press a button correlated to each rank number, but eh that also sounds a bit much.


Maybe just click above the best until the worst in order.


Yes! I really hopes this happens! Just build is a game where I enjoy the concept: Building based on a theme. However, it becomes really annoying when players will “meh” every build to better their chances (and I refuse to play like that). The current voting system has definitely pushed me away from playing as much as I would if there was a better voting system (like this one!)

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A great idea, and would definitely make voting more fair! Some users did point out that with the number of builds in a game, this may be a little complicated. What if there was some kind of ranked choice where you could rank your top 3 or top 5 favourite builds, rather than sorting all of them?


This may increase game play time a little but you could change voting to where two builds are compared and you vote for which one you like better. That build then advances on to be voted against the next round of builds. Almost like a bracket style tournament.

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Yea I see, no unfair meh… voters anymore… You have my vote! :honeybee:


I must revive this, I was about to make a suggestion exactly like this but then I found this, this is a wonderful idea, and kinda needs to be added because the current system is kinda bad.

and i was thinking once the build time is over then you just instantly teleport to the plots all of them and you go stand on the build you want to win, not your own, and everybody is invisible so you can’t see what anyone else is voting.


Yes this is perfect, If it was rate 1-10 I would probably more honest when voting.

I like the idea and it’s certainly better than a simple 1 - 5 point rating of each build. I’ve seen this suggestion tossed around in servers with a similar problem in their creative building modes. But sadly, with most ideas, it has its own problems:

  1. If there are many troll, off-topic, nsfw, or empty builds (let’s just group these as T.O.N.E builds), then a system like this would force you to rate some of them higher than others. I guess you could counter this by having the report feature as an automatic 0 pointer, but most T.O.N.E. builders would probably abuse this to vote others poorly.

  2. People have mentioned that with a suggestion like this, it’s hard to express how much better or worse you think a build is. With a ranking system, people wouldn’t be able to vote equally good builds (the way they can now). Also, it becomes tricky to vote when there are only really good and bad builds, and nothing really in between. I would imagine that it would sort of force your votes into a more continuous scale.

  3. Lastly, it might be hard to navigate 12 builds. I could see them arranged in a 4x3 array and you could freely fly between them, but you have to remember that young children are playing this game and may get lost. Though I suppose this wouldn’t be a huge issue if you have 4 minutes to vote and not every update has to be new user friendly.

But again, I really like this suggestion and I have voted for it. I’m just pointing out some things that will hopefully make you realize why new voting methods aren’t always so straightforward.