Paid Cosmetics Preview - The Locker 👕

Hello, I hope you are having an amazing day! :mailbot:
Today I bring a suggestion that I think would help players a lot when deciding what to buy on The Hive Store…


It would be a new NPC, located next to Mailbot, which you could click on and be directed to another region and see what a cosmetic is like or pen its purchase page. And no one better to be that NPC than… Tim! The tailor of the winterfest 2021 event.
This, in addition to helping players to know exactly what they are buying, would also solve the problem of some cosmetics not showing up in The Hive Store, having to buy them via /gift, which may not be worth it sometimes because of the 160 minecoins costumes.

I created this little video trying to explain how the locker system would work. I apologize for the quality, I used the Xbox Gamebar recorder, which is not very good. You can watch the video by clicking here:

The Locker Preview Concept - YouTube

Credits to PixelPoly for the Arthur Tophat's NPC.
arthur tophat is not a real costume :wink:

Thanks for reading! My next post is going to be some suggestions for the Survival Games update! :bow_and_arrow:
Have an amazing day! :))
Please, let me know what is your opinion is this idea in the comments!

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So… basically just organizing things better? I’m onboard!


yes I like this suggestion a lot


this is pog

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I don’t know how this isn’t in the game yet.
You have my vote!


Thank you for the opinions! :smile:
I’m bumping this post because I’d really like to see this in-game, it would help a lot.

Bumping again :slight_smile:

That’s going to be my last bump in some months.
I really want that to be added, it would be so useful.
Feel free to leave more opinions and suggestions.

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I would love this

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i love this idea, also the concept preview is insanely well made

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Thank you! I made everything, but the Arthur Tophat skin, using command blocks.


Really like the Idea and concept video, definitely would help for deciding on a costume.

Only thing I can think for why the hive may not add it is (before I say I don’t know much about how this works) that it would take up server space, because I feel like for it to work they would have to make a new server (a bit like replay cinema) everytime someone enters it or add it to the main hub (which I can’t see them doing). The difference between this and replay cinema being that replay cinema is paid. This would be accessible to everyone and I don’t think it would make sense to have to pay for something if its purpose is to stop you from regretting paying for something. i.e. Why would someone spend the same as two costumes they can’t decide between to help them decide instead of just buying both.

Then again I don’t see people choosing to go afk in a place only they can access so these may have just been the ramblings of a crazy person lol


Yes, I thought about that too. I think it would be cool if it was like the replay lobby… having several people together in one lobby but you can’t see them.

I understand that maybe it would be difficult for The Hive because of the servers, but I think it would be pretty cool too if maybe it was in a house in the hub, like Quest Master :o

Yes this is very good idea.