Just Build unlock idea: VICTORY PARTICLES

As a max level fan of just build I think it’s time for a new unlock
as a lot of people know just build has very few in game unlocks and is also really hard to level up on so I suggest a new unlockable: Victory Particles

How This New Unlocks Work
So when you when a game of just build your build is displayed, with these victory particles there would be particles that appear when your build is displayed here are a few examples
fire trails
red ribbons

please give your thoughts and feedback on this idea


I agree, Just Build needs an update, whatever is it. And a new unlock would be good :smiley:

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This well also be suitable for other games as well

bump for more peoples to see :slight_smile:

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I’d like this if they were to come with the existing levels, Just Build doesn’t need more levels seeing as it is so hard to level up anyway.