The Jobs Bundle / Concept

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The Concept

My idea is a bundle where cosmetics has the theme of jobs. It would be like the Christmas bundle, with one (or two) skins and some cosmetics for the mini-games, maybe costing 990 minecoins.

The Cosmetics

I will give an example of some cosmetics that could be included below, I have drawn a few but most will only be listed. The drawings didn’t look as good as they were done in Microsoft Paint, but I hope I can illustrate my idea with them.

General Cosmetics:

- Nurse Costume

- Firefighter Costume

- Ambulance Avatar
- Builder Hat Avatar
- “About to end their whole career” hub-title

Treasure Wars Cosmetics:

- Firetruck Treasure
- Helicopter Bridge Builder

Murder Mystery Cosmetics:

- Siren Gravestone
- Computer Throwable

Hide and Seek

Taxi Hat
Wheels Legs

Death Run Cosmetics

- Guitar Cape
- Police Car Death Marker

Sky Wars

- Mini Hospital Chest

- Helicopter Spawn Vehicle

Survival Games
-Board Gravestone

- Garbage Truck Pedestal


It’s a cool thing, but 990 minecoins seems to be very much for this! It should be at least 830 minecoins. Good suggestion tho