Bring back buyable blocks and block levels/exp

Title is quite self explanatory, in java you used to be able to buy fun blocks to hide as (diamond ore, quartz, enchanting table etc) and you could gain block specific exp for taunting and staying alive. After you hit level 50 in-game, there isn’t much that makes hiding appealing as taunting is no longer beneficial. I think block exp would be a harmless way to maintain player’s interest in the game without making the game harder for anybody who’s new.

Since there isnt a bedrock equivalent for tokens, im not sure how you would buy the blocks, mabye they could be unlocked like cosmetics? I dont think they’re as necessary of an addition as block exp, but the hider role is extremely basic and having fun blocks that stick out a little more will make the game more interesting and challenging to the hider without forcing any of that challenge onto new players.

Edit: im happy to explain how the block levelling system used to work if anyone needs that


This is an excellent suggestion. It would be a great way to making hiding/playing past level 50 more appealing without harming the experience of new players!


yes pls bring back buyables and blockexp, i feel like ppl would acc play more if there was a reason to grind


this would bring so much life into the community and the game again, voted!

With the recent addition of prestige in murder mystery, the vast majority of the community has pushed back on it hard. This would be a way to add more content and levels to hide and seek while also not going the lazy route and just adding prestige. Instead of just doing what the other games do, this game being different would be a very welcome change. Granted, I’m sure this won’t happen for a while but when it does I’d rather we get this instead of prestige.

I’d love to see this change implemented instead of prestige because again, prestige is mostly hated by the community as it adds no new content by itself and is just a “do-it-again” kind of thing while this would add an experience unique to this game.


We don’t have any plans in the immediate future to update Hide and Seek gameplay (as much as we’ve love to!).

So please vote for your favorite ideas so they can be considered when we get the time.

That being said we have some new Hide and Seek maps coming very very soon.


make plans then lmao

hiding is boring and seeking is only good for a while, java hide and seek was amazing idk why you didnt add all the same features to begin with

this would be cool, I wanna hide as a sculk sensor

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me too bro, also cant wait to hide as a mangrove button

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yeah it’s so easy, idk why they don’t just run /update every once in a while

I don’t think you realize that hive has to spend money to keep the servers running, which in turn means they need to make money. While hide and seek isn’t super unpopular, people wouldn’t be flocking to the game just because you’re now able to hide as a dripleaf. While adding Java elements to a variety of games would enhance the server greatly (strafes and points in dr, timv, etc) it probably wouldn’t be worth the return as the majority of players wouldn’t care, as it would cost levels or some type of currency, both of which newer hns or less frequent hns players wouldn’t have or care about

I very much disagree that new players wouldn’t care that much about being able to hide as a dripleaf or whatever. As a new player I remember being disappointed with the lack of variety of blocks you could hide as, and I know that the kit system mineplex has gave me lots of fun grinding for when I played that server. I think that having extra, unlockable blocks would be a boon to the game and lots of players, new and old alike, would really enjoy it.

Your point that it’s hard to code or update or whatever seems misinformed as while any update is a drain on resources, you can currently hide as a VAST array of blocks when in a cs so the coding is pretty much all set. After they set an unlock system, the update would be very close to completion.


Good argument
But the whole “buying” of a block would take work, testing, bug testing, feedback, etc as it would either be minecoins which would make certain maps seem p2w, or a currency, which would be troublesome, or level based which would suck for a lot of people and grinding to level 100 to get a certain block or whatnot could seem unfair in some peoples eyes who aren’t able to play as often
Also, choosing which blocks you can buy is much harder and technical than searching the map for all the blocks and outputting that into a list, as some blocks could be op, and some blocks would have 0 use other than “haha funny”

I can’t imagine needing to grind to unlock a block being seen as unfair to anybody. Every game already has this feature, deathrun level 50 also takes a lot of work but that doesn’t mean late game unlocks are unfair on those who can’t grind. The specifics of the buyable blocks aren’t my decision but in the past they were silly blocks that, unless used well, were very easy to find- I really don’t think this will be that negatively impactful to those who ‘don’t play as often’.
However, I do think the addition of block exp will encourage people to play more often, also making the grind to level 50 (and the unlocking of more blocks) a more appealing and fun experience.
I didn’t think out the specifics of how the blocks would be bought. Since no other minigame has p2w aspects I doubt that’s how this will work. Just to clarify, I’m referring to them as ‘buyables’ because that’s what they were called in the past. I don’t necessarily think the act of buying them is important to the suggestion. Think of them as unlockables if you’d like!


Wow that was a good explanation
I feel like hive might say “this could be confusing to our younger audience” for some reason
Basically all the blocks are just for a challenge/funny, if so then that seems like a good addition for max level players
Good job, you’ve convinced me lol

voted, however it would have to be goofy blocks and not ones that would take forever to find, as that would ruin the game.


how would that ruin the game?

it would ruin the game if there were blocks that blended in too well in the maps like cobblestone and different types of wood

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idt it can get any harder than Winter Fair.

At the end of the day a lot of these specialty blocks are going to stand out as the main games blocks are designed to blend in. As long as the new blocks arent anything nuts like a button or pressure plate, then it should be fine.

The rule of thumb should be the minimum height at a half slab

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I don’t think

there wouldnt be like holes or stuff for them to go into on the floor so you’d have a cobblestone or mossy cobblestone sitting in a leaf patch in sunset terrace or something

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correcting/saying what the abbreviation means on every post with no context can get you banned for spam, just giving you a heads up

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