New Useful Item for Seekers 👁️: Grappling Hook

Suggestion/Idea :bulb:
Isn’t it annoying constantly chasing around runners when you’re the seeker? Well, I’ve got the solution for that. Enter, the Grappling Hook.

How will it work :question:
You can only shoot at hiders because if you were able to shoot at blocks, you might be able to escape the map or be able to cheat the game. You automatic obtain it in the beginning of the game (if you’re the first/original seeker) or when you die and turn into a seeker. It will have a range of 10 blocks. Also, it does not deal damage whenever you shoot at a hider. If you missed, the grappling hook looses durability, the grappling hook has 3-5 durability. Not all seekers will have this item, only less than half of them or 10%-30% of them will have it.

No, not really. Its kinda the whole reason I play lol

because it would need to be balanced and implemented and there are other, better updates that hive should do instead (this, for example)

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This is not a valid reason why, every item that is ever added to the hive has to be balanced and implemented.

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its a very valid reason why, since this would completely ruin running as a way to play the game you’d have to add some sort of MASSIVE buff to blocks such as a bow with punch 1 and infinity or something equally as annoying to allow it to stay viable.

if u cant catch runners thats just a skill issue bro, dont try to get hive to change the game when theres a clear route to improvement. You can get better, u just gotta practice.

Bruh you don’t balance an op item by buffing other things, you balance the item itself. Also generally the more powerful items are in a game the more fun and chaotic it is, a punch bow would be so funny.

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since the item can only benefit seekers, the balance of the game will shift too far towards the seekers. In order to maintain the current balance, you’d have to either nerf the seekers in some other way or buff the hiders in some way alongside the addition of this “grappling hook”.


this makes me think u dont play the game very much since none of the active hide community thinks a bow is a good idea. It would make the game a war similar to mineplex instead of the hive game we love so much.

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Its a 10-30% chance that a seeker will receive it and it only has 3-5 uses. That seems perfectly balanced to me. :slight_smile:

Plus this is HIDE and seek, not any version of tag. The reason why running works so well is because the maps are made for HIDING not running. If they made maps that were made more for running then I don’t see a need for this item, but they aren’t so…

Incase you don’t understand what I mean the maps are way too big and don’t have much parkour and stuff like that. Those maps are for tag, just go look at that tag game on MCC. Those maps are for running, and the maps on Hive’s h&s look nothing like those, because they are made for HIDING.

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since thats still a non-zero chance, this is a massive buff to seekers and would need to be balanced accordingly.

nowhere in the name “Murder Mystery” does it say “collect coins and shoot the murderer”. The way to play the game isnt always in the name.

Town square, harvest, pripyat, winter fair?

have u seen harvest or winter fair lol. Also you cant be mad when people run if ur gunna sweat and seek, thats how games where u kill others works - they can sweat too.

Besides, this is a moot point bc even without this item a competent seeker can EASILY get an 80% wr even if they arent very good, and noobs wouldnt be able to use the item properly anyways so it wouldnt help them out.

All in all, this post makes it seem like you’re saying that running isnt a valid way to play the game which I’m sure you aren’t saying, but just in case you are heres some funny information. More than 1/2 the active hide community are runner mains, so you might kill the game if u add this.

ps. Idt anyone other than me in this discussion has played more than 1k games of hide, so I’d recommend trying to play more before coming to a conclusion. The addition of a grappling hook might very well make me and many others quit this game, so hive people if you’re considering adding this please make sure to weigh people’s feedback against how much they play the game.

Because you still have to figure out who the murder is?? You good?

Haha, funny joke! Have you ever heard people say level doesn’t equal skill? Sure, you have more experience, that you know of. Could have alt accounts, or simply playing different h&s games on mc. It’s wise to always think high of people so you never underestimate them.

I’m not going to argue about the maps since you will just simply never agree, so no point.

That’s true, anything like this should be in a survey if they are at least level 10.

it was less a “skill” thing (I’m mobile lol (and i can still catch runners)) and more an investment of time into and love for this game. You maxed a while back and probably haven’t touched the game since, I play for fun and play this game every day so if this game gets ruined it wont really effect you but I have incentive to make sure the game stays good.

its less about donowalling and more about creating datasets among responses, such as (plays the game actively and isnt max, doesnt play the game and isnt maxed, maxed and hasnt played since, sometimes plays the game and is maxed, plays the game relatively consistently and is maxed) so that you can filter out the opinions that dont really matter.

so skywars and murder mystery? :sob:

I’m not really sure about this being a huge detriment to runners if it were implemented, dodging good seekers (which are rare anyways) may need to occur but overall I think that the grappling hook concept is too difficult for most players to understand how to use. 99% of HNS players just hide. Having a tool specifically for runners would be weird, as they’re not too common. Runners can already easily be swarmed by more than one seeker as it is.

If you’re finding seeking hard, just ignore runners and kill as many hiders as you can first, it makes running harder :slight_smile: !!


Ik im a bit late but I have 1500 hours pretting much exclusiveoy on PS4, and much more on pc and switch, and have gotten to level 50 on one of my accounts

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