[Hide And Seek] Ability To Volunteer As Seeker

Please I am begging. Add a queue so that AFKs and people who want to hide aren’t chosen when there are people who want to seek <3


I definitely agree

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im so ready to que for seeker and not kill anyone, voted!

best tag games are when its a 1v15

I’ve got a couple questions

  1. Is one seeker randomly selected from all the players that queued seeker or does everyone that queued seeker get seeker right off the bat?

  2. If the latter what happens if everyone queues seeker?

  3. What happens if no one queues seeker, is one randomly selected?

  4. If you you queue seeker one game will it automatically queue seeker for the next game until turned off?

This in an interesting idea, we’ll track this when we have time to give Hide and Seek an update. Please discuss further if you feel like this would be a good or negative addition to the game.


I feel like this should only be an option if the 2 seekers (one chosen at the beginning of the game and the other randomly gets picked) aren’t doing anything.

And I feel like this should only be given to a certain amount of people too because everyone can just say they want to be a seeker and rig the game. Maybe give it to everyone, then the first 3-4 people that say yes can be a seeker, then everyone else has to keep hiding

This would only be a good idea if u think playing as a seeker main is a fair and valid way to play. If you dont think that then this seems like a terrible idea. As a runner main I hate seeker mains but also respect that they have fun finding and killing children in a hospital or abandoned gold mine, and this would make the game fairer for them and reduce the annoyance of being chosen as a seeker for me. Voted!

Yes that’s a very good idea

I think this would be a very positive addition to the game. Seeker mains will seek whether or not they win the queue, so enabling seeker mains shouldn’t be a concern (nor is that a problem ;)). However, many people do not want to be chosen as the first seeker, and a queue would mean that this wouldn’t happen to them (unless nobody else in the game wanted to seek).

The Java system where anyone could opt into the queue, then the starting seeker was randomly selected from that pool, worked great . To address cupcsr’s concern-- there could (and should) still only be one starting seeker regardless of how many people volunteer.

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Whats the point?
People are just gonna sit at spawn waiting to be killed so they can seek.
That would be more of a opt out of seeker thing

it makes the game faster and some people dont want to have to die every time they wanna seek. Also, some of the seekers that get randomly chosen haven’t even seen a sword much less know how to use one and that can waste time for seeker mains, leading to a loss.


Waiting at spawn to be killed can take two seconds or never happen for the entirety of a game, the amount of times the main seeker is AFK or doesn’t use a sword to kill you or runs away is insane. It would just save time and make the overall experience of the game more enjoyable.

For those that join seeker queue to just stand still and do nothing the whole game (or killing one hider who will also refuse to seek properly), this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem because it counts as “Prolonging the game”, which is against the rules.

It also improves people’s K/D statistics, yes, many people care about it in Hide and Seek of all games.


Runner mains hate getting chosen as the seeker, and seeker mains hate getting chosen as hiders. I feel like this is just a win for everyone…

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Yes please :pray:

I would love for this to get added as I find seeker much more fun than taunting over and over (I’m not max)

you could also be a runner (the best way to play hide and seek, not biased). but yea, this would help people who like to seek.

That’s what I’m saying, why should a random seeker be chosen when they clearly all want to be seeker?

Most games have no seeker mains, so most of the time this doesn’t matter, if you want to increase your odds of winning a seeker queue, dodge a lobby a seeker main is in.

ugh, such a great idea

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It would work like normal, where one seeker is randomly selected from the 15 players, except they’d be someone who’d volunteered for it.

yes, it would just be like it is now where a single seeker is randomly selected.

A toggle for this is a great idea, I like that very much!

because one starting seeker is how it always has been, and if they wanna die noone can stop them but the starting seeker still gets the kills. If you want this to instead make everyone who queued seeker to start as seeker, that might be a separate post.

When hive gets around to updating hide, I hope they implement this in some way as well as block levels :blobheart:

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