Bring back buyable blocks and block levels/exp

There are a couple holes that would make things awful (for the peope, that dont know about them) on certain maps and you dont necessarily need a hole in order to blend in perfectly

at 3 minutes seekers get shown which blocks hiders are hiding as, and the system worked fine on java for years. I simply cannot imagine a spot that would be unfindable, could you maybe show me one? (also its not like you could hide as everything lol, there were limits. if you go into a cs of hide and select the setting thats like “allow blocks” or whatever and scroll, those are pretty much the only ones we want in the main game)

I agree with this, having more customisation would be great. Of course, if they were more obvious, then they would need an XP boost or something to make the use of them more worthwhile.

I feel like an xp boost would be out of place here, additional blocks should solely be for fun otherwise people would turn away from the default blocks for extra xp.


I’m thinking that instead of minecoins or levels we use qp. Alternatively hive could create an additional “points” system with some funny name like hidecoin or blockbucks or something that one would get for kills and taunts and surviving and wins alongside xp that one could then use to purchase new blocks.

edit: this currency could also be used to purchase cool new block cosmetics and maybe different colors of armor for seekers and also maybe new death/kill animations/effects in addition to new blocks.


I think it’s a good proposal for us level 50 who were able to easily defeat Hider before to grow anew.

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Too complicated for little kids that just got started playing on there Ipad LOL!

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its really not, unlocking new “classes” is something many games have and this would be far less complicated than that as you wouldn’t have to learn how to play the game a whole new way. Its a pretty simple system - you play the game and get some sort of currency, u then use that currency to unlock (“buy”) new blocks that you can hide as, you then play as those blocks you unlocked. I fail to see the nuance or confusing elements you were referring to.

Also, as a mobile player I very much dislike how you implied that mobile players aren’t as intelligent as players on other platforms.


Well 98% of mobile players play on ipad or other tablets so it’s kinda implied that little kids play on iPad but no disrespect I used to be like that 2

did u really just say “98% of mobile players play on mobile?” :skull:

also thats not true, phone players exist as well. Regardless, platform still has nothing to do with intelligence, so please stop saying that it does.

Anyways, what about unlocking new blocks to play as do u think would be too complicated for younger, less-experienced players? It seems very straightforward to me, and I cant imagine it being anything other than extremely intuitive for new players as well. If theres something you would want changed then def say it, maybe you can help improve this idea.


Maybe blocks could be unlocked with levels? Similar to ghost colours in murder mystery, where you only start unlocking them once you are a higher level(Lvl 50+)? Instead of having to come up with new hat ideas they could replace some of those cosmetics with blocks. These blocks will show up in the “choose your block” menu in every map too but maybe with a different colour text from the default blocks?

this could work, but idk how it’d work with block levels. However, I still think that getting some sort of currency from playing and then using it to unlock new blocks is much simpler than unlocking blocks at higher levels.

The hide and seek currency could also be used to unlock other cosmetics later down the line, too, which is something I am personally hoping for.