Statistic Resetting

Stats Reset:

Sometimes when you first start out… your W/L or K/D is really bad… soo…
Provide a mini-game stats reset!

This would just reset the numbers- not any costumes or hub titles.

Optional: Game specific cosmetics get reset? [Treasure Cosmetics, Death Run Capes, Etc]

Edit: This post can be taken down, I don’t even agree with this anymore :sweat_smile:

Maybe rename the thread to “Option to reset stats”?

Personally I’m not against it but I don’t care about stats


Would not be great for statskeeping purposes, so nah,

Not outright against it, but keeping the stats makes the most sense

I feel like that would overcomplicate things. I don’t really like the world of ‘you’re only as good as your stats say you are.’

It seems like a wasted effort in my eyes. I am open minded but I won’t be voting for this.


Yeah I see everyone’s point here, good thing I didn’t type out anything too long :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I see your point. I know Hive Java has the option to buy it. I think bedrock is fine the way it is right now without it. Maybe in the future it could play off.