New Death Messages for Sky Wars and Treasure Wars

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Currently in Skywars if you fall off in the void, the only message is “ceoricon did an oopsie!”. I feel as if Hive could add more (maybe can be unlocked, or extra perks for Hive+?) I do have some in mind that could possibly be used.

Edit: Also, this is not just for skywars, this is for treasure wars as well. This suggestion also goes along with Show the Death Phrase: (Username) did an oopsie in Treasure Wars too! as they don’t show when you die in chat.

“____ forgot how to fly” -ceoricon
“____ forgot they weren’t in the batmobile” -ceoricon
“____ slipped in honey and fell of the edge” -ceoricon
“____ wasn’t skilled enough to pearl clutch” -ceoricon

“____ didn’t have wings” -Conhadda
“____ forgot they weren’t a bee” -Conhadda
“____ didn’t like the ground” -Conhadda
“____ tripped over a rock” -Conhadda
“____ thought they could fly” -Conhadda
“____ likes the void” -Conhadda

“____ doesn’t fear death” -QueViro

“____ thought they were Superman” -xHeatwaveYT

“____ committed yeet” -GoldenCenturia

“____ forgot their elytra and fireworks” -VaccuumHelmet

“____ fell and died” -Cactus_200iq

“____ took the plunge into the void” -EmeraldOne60

“____ has fallen and can’t get up” -TallScissors938
“____ has discovered that gravity is not a conspiracy theory” -TallScissors938
“____ dropped their croissant” -TallScissors938
“____ threw away their pickaxe” -TallScissors938
“____ was not the superstar” -TallScissors938

“____ skydived into the never ending void” -xLon3ly
“____ took a flight and crashed” -xLon3ly
“____ slipped on butter and tripped into the void” -xLon3ly
“____ wanted to meet the void, but the void didn’t like them” -xLon3ly
“____ wasn’t able to clutch” -xLon3ly

“____ learned gravity the hard way” -ThatOneJD
“____ has deceased” -ThatOneJD

“____ learned that the void wasn’t habitable” -BlazeDrake100

“____ got a ten for void diving” -Emberz1

“____ forgot to crouch” -KkinderTMA

“____ has fallen for the void” -SageTester36993

“____ broke their legs” -AlphaDivided
“____ met darkness” -AlphaDivided
“____ was too good for land” -AlphaDivided
“____ followed their sword into the void” -AlphaDivided
“____ thought they saw safety” -AlphaDivided
“____ wanted to speedrun death” -AlphaDivided
“____ wanted to speedrun the void” -AlphaDivided
“____ thought there was cake in the void” -AlphaDivided
“____ thought respawn was on” -AlphaDivided
“____ tried but failed” -AlphaDivided
“____ preferred to sit in the nectar bar” -AlphaDivided
“____ visited the lemon tree” -AlphaDivided
“____ crash landed” -AlphaDivded
“____ didn’t do the math” -AlphaDivided

“____ forgot that pigs can’t fly” -SixCrown208302

“____ didn’t like their teammate[s]” -FishCanned
“____ wanted to watch Flixnet” -FishCanned

“____ drank expired milk” -NotDazy

“____ was not the imposter” - boyyo2779
“____ didn’t get the refrence” -boyyo2779

“___ forgot to press space” -GDVillaYT

“____ forgot what the void was” -thedartist3425
“____ forgot to pearl” -thedartist3425
“____ must have lagged” -thedartist3425
“____ doesn’t float” -thedartist3425
“____ slipped and fell” -thedartist3425

“____ took the L hard” -FawnBongo51045

“____ committed save and quit” -Remetirgang8

“____ followed after @TurboPiggyYT” -XItzGalaxyX4300
“____ saw the light at the end of the tunnel” -XItzGalaxyX4300
“____ died, but what did it cost” -XItzGalaxyX4300
“____ was demonetized” -XItzGalaxyX4300
“____ tried to obtain the soul stone” -XItzGalaxyX4300
“____ forgot to thank their sponsor” -XItzGalaxyX4300
"____ didn’t like the video” -XItzGalaxyX4300

If you guys have any more death messages you would like to see, post them down below
(I will choose: not all will get accepted. Its either too long (flooding chat), or too simple. ex: “____ died”)



Nice idea, I really like the “forgot how to fly” message.

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____didn’t have wings

____went to the void

____didn’t like the ground

____tripped over a rock

____thought they could fly

____likes the void

____forgot they weren’t a bee

Oh for when someone leaves it could say like

____didn’t wanna play


I would like to see this, to have some more nice cosmetic things and to see more unique messages when they fall in the void

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____ doesn’t fear death


____ thought they were Superman

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____ committed yeet

…okay that one probably doesn’t work, this is an amazing idea though


___forgot their elytra and fireworks


___ fell and died


___ took the plunge into the void


____________ Was slapped with a Nemo by _________________

Also @Conhadda Skywars has “________ Left the fight early” if someone leaves


_______ has fallen and can’t get up.


____ skydived into the never ending void

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i edited this because it was cringe

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Ik that but we should have more than one message

How bout “ (username)’s mom pulled the plug”

Ah, perfect :ok_hand:


That’s a kill message

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[player] learned gravity the hard way.

[player] was not the winner.
[player] was ejected.

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_____ took a flight and crashed

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_____ has discovered that gravity is not a conspiracy theory