Skywars and treasure wars ideas

Idea: New kill messages, starting, and treasure ideas.

Kill message (Galaxyen005 said gg to MrDino004) Starting and treasure of a Star

A star to represent space and the galaxy and the kill message to show positivity to other players.

I love the hive and I would love to see these things in the game!

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It looks like the “new kill message” is a duplicated suggestion. Please use the :mag: in the future to search for any duplicated topics before posting.

You can vote for the original idea down below.
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And probably this one too, Death Messages Idea

I’m not sure what you mean, you mean something like this?


ngl gold prime prestige is worst then iron prime


This isn’t Gold Prime? Gold Prime is 1200, this is a weird version

It’s an outdated version of Topaz Prestige. The point is, it contains a star, which I think @FedUpYenYen was trying to suggest.

@mods this should be closed

i flagged the post

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