Oopsie replacements

Me and a friend came up with a few death messages for skywars . What do you guys think?

BxnjiBoo did whoopsie

Bxnjiboo rage voided

Bxnjiboo slipped

Bxnjiboo is literally Screaming right now

Bxnjiboo was busy texting

Bxnjiboo got rickrolled mid game

Bxnjiboo found his way… to the void

BxnjiBoo mined ore directly below

Bxnjiboo did not hear: JUMP!

Bxnjiboo did not do his homework on gravity

Bxnjiboo met an unstoppable force: Gravity

Bxnjiboo loved the void so much…

Bxnjiboo decided to YOLO it.

Bxnjiboo is a boomer

Bxnjiboo tried to a-void the void…he failed.

Bxnjiboo does not want you to see this message

Bxnjiboo [Redacted]

Bxnjiboo did a -900IQ move

Bxnjiboo is ded.

Bxnjiboo was not paying attention

Bxnjiboo’s mom walked into his room while he was playing skywars.

Bxnjiboo has to work on his parkour skills

Bxnjiboo’s heart is probably made of void at this point.

Bxnjiboo though this was treasure wars

Bxnjiboo used all of his 9lives

Bxnjiboo got Minecraft from a shady site

Bxnjiboo is out of the gene pool.

Bxnjiboo: “@!^{>%&“

Bxnjiboo took one for the team: By dying.

Bxnjiboo slipped on a banana peel

Bxnjiboo forgot to pack his parachute.

Bxnjiboo could not place blocks below him in time.

Bxnjiboo did not follow the yellow brick road.

Bxnjiboo did a high dive

Bxnjiboo though he could make that jump

Bxnjiboo classified this message

Bxnjiboo ignored the wet floor sign.

Bxnjiboo got scammed

Bxnjiboo blames it on lag.

Bxnjiboo lagged when bridging

Bxnjiboo experienced laggggg.

Bxnjiboo got a seizure

Bxnjiboo threw a snowball instead of a ender pearl.

Bxnjiboo keeps on surprising me.

Bxnjiboo missed the pearl clutch.

Here are my favourites which i would put on a higher level closer to the max level. They are more complex

Bxnjiboo did a -69IQ move. Which is surprising scince he has -420IQ. (Lvl69)

Bxnjiboo was playing Skywars peacefully but everything changed when the fire nation attacked

Bxnjiboo ignored the sign that said: If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.

Bxnjiboo isn’t very good at this game.

Bxnjiboo got trapped. LOL

Bxnjiboo though they were a zoomer but turned out to be a boomer

Bxnjiboo’s next montage : & combos.

Skywars: the fall of voidwalker . Starring Bxnjiboo (Lvl. 100)

Just to clarify I originally put this into games bc i did not want to give the impression that i want all of these in. Though it would be cool


This is my favorite because it’s totally messed up(and that’s why I love it :rofl:) because that’s me when I play sw I ALWAYS go in for that suicide jump :joy:

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breh this is cool, make this into a suggestion, lets make this into the game

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Make this a suggestion and I will vote for it, “a few”

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lmao I like this one


Put this in #suggestions:skywars


Okay, this is so accurate. I have a friend who always blames it on the lag when he dies. We both know it annoys me, and half the time there isn’t any lag, but he still does it. Even when I watch him die, and there doesn’t seem to be a good reason he died, he would make up some cap thing like, “My KB glitched, making my FPS lower, therefore launching me even though blah blah blah refresh rate blah bah blah.”

Ranting aside, I LOVE these! If hive doesn’t add this, idk WHAT they are doing.


i’ve already made a suggestion about this

the op made a dupe topic of his own topic lmao
Death Messages Idea

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Duplicate Suggestion