Double Murder Mystery

In this version of Murder Mystery, there would be 2 murders, 2 detectives, and 20 innocents (could change). It is similar to the game on Hypixel on Java.

Welcome to the forums! In the future please put gamemode ideas under the suggestions tab. I personally wouldn’t be opposed to this, but I can’t see it happening as the hive doesn’t like to “copy hypixel”.


I like Double Murder Mystery it would definitely give the players more of a challenge.

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I think this could happen but like @codechungus said the HIVE like being original so i doubt this would happen and if it does it would be a LMT gamemode


I like it, but Hive can’t just copy other servers. And it will just split the player count even more.

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Murderer murders other murderer.
Then what?

Just don’t allow it?


maybe if there were 2 murderers (didn’t know who each other are) and 3 sheriffs with 15 innocents.

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Why 3 sheriffs instead of 2?

Coz they could be a team.