Add a one day cooldown for new users

Title. All the new users that come on to the forums come to make a suggestion, and never come back. I think there should be a 1-2 day cooldown for new users to make topics/suggestions, and an added incentive to read the rules before posting.

edit: topics like #server-bug-reports would be excluded. i would add #help-me, but if they add ingame forum rewards, and players dont get them when joining, people would bombard #help-me with questions such as “i DIDNT GET MY HUB TITLE”

I’m netural on this, on one side this could be discouraging, however it could really help people learn a bit about stuff


Or make them have to read stuff for a bit, which I think is a discourse feature


One or 2 days is too long. 10 minutes would do

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there already is a 10min cooldown


yeah I’ve seen old posts and someone was asking for admin lmao and they got a no and never came back… Dang what a good hive player who definitely want’s to help the community lmao


does this already exist in Discourse?
just asking because if it doesn’t you’d have to suggest that at the forums for discourse.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure there is already a plugin for that cooldown and Hive doesn’t need to create one.


What I think would do is a minimum post counter before you can make suggestions/vote.


i feel like this wouldn’t necessarily work because they could just go farm posts in all the forums games (i.e last to post wins, ban the person above you, etc) then go ahead and make a duplicate suggestion w/o reading the rules

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yeah thats why it would only count for suggestions and stuff

wait lemme bump something rq

this is why this needs to be added


No, no, no. I swear if this rule was implemented when I first joined the forums, I would be furious.
lol I joined the forums just to ask a question then just got addicted to helping out! :blush:

Wait, this is a necropost? It said 14 days later but I’m so sorry. :expressionless:

yes it should be implemented, most dupe suggestions are from people who joined that day and this would force them to get familliar with the forums. They could always ask the question in a topic like Last to post wins


But what about if they need to post something in #help-me or #server-bug-reports or #games quickly? Like me :sob:.

#help-me and #server-bug-reports would probably be excluded


Now I 80% support. You earn a vote lol
@unikern You should add the exclutions.

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Bump cause some guy is topic spamming and we need this


Hmmmm, I wonder who that could have been :thinking:

But isn’t there already a 24 hour cooldown after posting like 2-5 posts?