[1.16] Add Netherite armor (and maybe swords) to Treasure Wars

Idea (for after Nether Update is released):
Netherite armor and swords

More Information:
I think the addiction of the new armor and sword would make Treasure Wars more challanging, which honestly makes it more better.

Though, I don’t think there should be Netherite Ingot spawners, since all maps will have to be rebuilt, but the price for the armor and sword will be the following:

  • Netherite Armor:
    50 Emeralds

  • Netherite Sword:
    15 Emeralds

Let me know what you guys think (you can also use the “Vote” button if you don’t want to vote in the poll):

  • Yes!
  • No. Please no.
  • Why?!
  • The price is a bit expensive…*

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Thank you!

*Reply with an suggestion of an better price.

I don’t think anybody could be able to get 50 ems in a single round. I would say about 35 ems. The Netherite Sword’s price is accurate though.


I was expecting Randall to reply with suggesting the price to change to 35 emeralds.

(Final results will only be posted when poll ends btw)

I don’t think Netherite armor would fit the game personally especially if it’s gonna be that expensive and it would make for even longer fights which are already long enough.


I like the suggestion and the idea but tbh it’s just not really worth it and realistically I don’t think it would ever really be added

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Sorry for the confusion! I fixed it now.

You’re already nigh unkillable unless you get knocked off with dia armor. Netherite armor would be op, as you’re even less killable & you can’t be knocked off as easily

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first of all

I want 1.12 support to stay :((

second of all

you already know how OP diamond gear is, what now

netherite armor would be 40 emeralds? i suggest

and sword would be 10 emeralds ig

No i don’t like this idea. Netherite doesn’t fit into treasure wars ngl. Also netherite armor is op

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bruh stop nerco-posting, this post is 2 years old

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ok i dont lnow why i dont check dates before posting

U bumped again bru

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aaa i did it again


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