Update: Prepare for the forum Xbox Live login migration

New thread as the previous one got out of hand quickly. We’ve updated the FAQ below, as well as a tool to check if you’re ready for the migration.

We will soon be migrating forum logins to Xbox Live. Here’s what that means for you, and why we’re doing it.

If you want to make sure you’re setup correctly, check out the How do I know if I have the right email? section!

What’s changing?

Instead of a username (or email) + password, you’ll sign in through Xbox. Your username will automatically be updated to your Xbox Live gamertag.

What should I do?

Make sure that your email is the same as the Xbox Live (Microsoft) account you play with on The Hive. If it mismatches, a brand new forum account will be created, and you’ll have to contact support to get access to your old forum account.

If you have multiple emails tied to one Microsoft account, we’ll use the one that’s marked as either preferred or primary.


Our main reasoning is - we don’t like storing passwords. We do what we can to keep everything safe, but the more we store, the more it becomes attractive to not-so-nice people to try and get in. After this migration, we’ll wipe all the stored passwords.

Second of all, this will allow us to match forum accounts to in-game accounts. Whilst we won’t be doing this immediately, we plan to offer on-forum visual perks for those with Hive+, as well as a hub title in-game for those that visit the forums.

How do I know if I have the right email?


Visit: https://forum.playhive.com/my/preferences
Check your email under Email (Primary)

Xbox Live:
Visit: https://sso.playhive.com/info
Sign in with the Xbox Live account you use on the server; we’ll ask for two permissions:

  • Access to SEE your email address, so we can link your identity
  • Access to SEE your Xbox profile, so we can link your email to your Xbox profile.

You’ll be redirected back to our SSO website, and see an information blob:


Gamertag is your in-game username on Xbox Live games, including Minecraft.
XUID is your Xbox Unique ID. This number never changes, and allows you to change your Gamertag without losing your profile/statistics/
Email is your primary email linked to your Microsoft (Xbox Live) account.

Make sure this aligns with what you expected. If the email here MISMATCHES the one you use on the forums, you’ll have to change your email on either the forums or on your Microsoft account.


We’re looking at doing this in about a week from this post; the week starting the 21st of September.

I have a question!

I’ll be answering (real) questions in this thread, but the main thing is, to not worry about this too much. It’ll still be the same forums, with the same people, and the same content! If there are issues, they’ll be fixed, and our support team is always available to help.


Please read the entire FAQ before freaking out! Let’s try and keep this one on topic, so we can actually assist those with genuine questions.

I also want to clarify that this migration is not up for discussion - it’s an important step to make sure we can keep these forums running well into the future.


Oh ok, that’s good to know.


Yessss, we actually know when this will happen. Thanks for clarifying all this Clank.


1-So do I have to check my forum account if it is my xbox live account?

So if it is the same I leave it
But if it is different i have to update it

2-Do I have to do anything else
Or is that it?

1st q: yes if it is not the same then update it
(if u don’t know how to update it, then it will be certainly nice for someone to record them self’s doing it for others to learn)

2nd q: no u don’t, but if there is any more questions then just ask it here or to any admin.

Also I know what to do
I just asked some of the questions for anyone that wanted to ask them.

Nope, you should be good. :ok_hand:

Just make sure they’re the same email.


Alright, I changed my email. All is well and good.

My Xbox account uses my dad’s email btw…

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are the forums going to be in the xbox live website? and how does it work actually? i mean do i have to search for hive forums in xbox? and then i follow something? im so confused…or do i have to do nothing and the forums will be automatically go to xbox when i click on the hive forums website? my brain cells are exploding rn

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The forums will stay the same, the only difference is that your name will be your Xbox live Gamertag, and your forums account will be linked to your xbox account.


oh so the forums is still going to be the forums… btw the only change is the username for the forums right?

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Just a tip, I’d definitely recommend changing your email on the forums to match the one used on your MS account, instead of changing your MS account email to match the one you use on the forums.
As when I changed my MS account email to the same one that I used on the forums it broke my Minecraft for some reason, I tried reinstalling it (which wasn’t working cause the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 SUCKS) but that didn’t work.
I finally tried just changing my MS account primary email back to how it was before and it fixed itself.
I don’t know why this even happened to me as no one else seemed to have this experience but in case this does happen to you I hope this helps.


I have a question, since the email for my forum account is the same for my xbox alt do I have to change or can I keep it linked to the alt account?

Yes. Basically you will login into the forums via your Xbox login. This will be so that your account will be linked to Xbox Live and easier for Hive to match forum accounts to InGame accounts and they plan to also have forum visual perks for people with Hive+ which will be possible with this new system.


I’ve seen this and I’m deciding to completely ignore it because I don’t feel like reading that much even though I play on Xbox

I had a similar issue, all you need to do is sign out and back in

I tried it didn’t work. But changing my email bakd fixed it.

I think because the minecraft account does not match the Microsoft store account and that broke it
I think

Because you bought minecraft on the old account not the forum account

Not that either. I checked that and even reinstalled the Microsoft store. It must’ve been some underlying thing in Minecraft that stayed even after I uninstalled it.

so did you buy minecraft on the forums account
do u have insta
so we dont spam this place

If you wish to talk with people in private, you can message them, just click on their profile and click message :slight_smile:

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