Stop Close Range Bow Spam In Capture The Flag

In Capture The Flag you can currently just get non-stop spammed with arrows at a close range, each arrow knocking you back and doing a decent amount of damage considering you’re getting spammed with them making it very hard to counter and is very annoying and broken.

This used to be a very big problem in Treasure Wars and Survival Games as well as Skywars I believe and they stopped this by making arrows do very little damage at close range and ignoring knockback if at very close range I believe. This feature wasn’t implemented into Capture The Flag for whatever reason however and I believe it should be so that we can avoid this problem of getting bow spammed at close range which does a ridiculous amount of damage and is to the point where it’s very annoying and broken.

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i dont like this feature in tw and i dont like it more in ctf

Why don’t you like the feature that prevents you from getting arrow spammed at close range in TW?

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When i bow spam it makes it harder to bow spam closer to people

Believe it or not most people don’t like getting bow spammed, especially at close range which is the main reason for my suggestion >~<


Bow spam is definitely annoying, especially because you don’t have diamond armor in CTF and you lose like 1,5 hearts or even more each full charged arrow. Melee exists for a reason and the bow should remain a range weapon. :+1:


The bow is balanced imo•-• Use your blocks to get close

That doesn’t work very well especially in tight spaces in my opinion, I believe the bow should be used for ranged combat only, not close range combat where you can bow spam and do an absurd amount of damage and not be able to get hit because of the knockback each arrow does.

This is why the anti bow spam features were added in all the other PvP game modes. :c

I hope this gets added because (no offense to bow sweats) but it’s extremely annoying to be bow spammed and it’s still annoying even if it’s giving less damage


Mhm it’s very annoying so I’m bumping this topic so others can see it and give their thoughts about my suggestion, I’m not exactly sure how easy it would be to transfer the anti bow spam features in Treasure Wars to Capture The Flag but if it wouldn’t be too much trouble then I think the anti bow spam features should definitely be added into Capture The Flag. c:


Not really a feature needed. Mobile and controller is hard

They shouldn’t add the close range knockback thing because it makes it harder to start combos. Instead they should add like a 2-3 second cooldown between each shot

Cooldown is a terrible idea lol its a bow not a zapper. Sg has this and its fine, idk what the problem with implementing the sg anti-bowspam system would be… u have blocks for combos or just be better than them lol. Get creative with ur combo starters (putting a block behind u so u take no kb during a trade, for example) and dont just rely on bowspamming and arrow combos to win u games.