More ways to earn XP in Ground Wars

Currently there are only two (I think) ways of gaining xp in ground wars, killing and winning. However, with 28,500xp for max level, it’s not a lot. Therefore, I propose two new ways of gaining xp, outlined below:

  • Killing an Impostor gives 3xp
  • Breaking golden powerup gives 5-10xp
  • Kills should be 2xp instead of 1xp

I definitely think getting powerups should give you xp but people rarely kill imposters because there isn’t many that spawn so it wouldn’t make much of a difference


I kinda agree on that considering it’s only 1xp.
The best way to max at the game is just long grind and additional boosters such as the rank and with the help of some boosters.


I personally like the groundwars xp system where it is (i dont have hive+ btw)


And maybe the golden power up in the middle could give 10 or 20 xp


Ye xp is way too slow I think that teams should get xp in this way
*1 xp per turf expansion
*2 xp per power
*5 xp per kill
*20xp for getting big powerup
*50xp per win


I’ve added a couple more things to the main suggestion!


I like the idea to add more ways to gain experience in Ground Wars!
However, I actually to came up with a few revisions that might create a stronger connection between involvement in the game and experience earned, so I figured it might be nice to write a quick reply to this suggestion with those ideas.
This was mainly just to propose a few revisions I came up with for the original suggestion, so hopefully this helps in some way. If you have any ideas concerning the revisions know that I am open to feedback!


  • Golden PowerUp - 1 exp. > 3 exp.
  • Kill Streaks - +1 exp per kill
  • Imposter Kill - same exp. as a normal kill
  • Armor Break - 0 exp.

First off, I love your idea to reward experience for claiming the golden power-up as it would encourage players to help chip in to get the power-up. However, I actually feel like you under-valued it a bit. Because there is only a single golden power-up in the game and it takes multiple eggs to break, I actually feel that it should reward about 3 experience points rather than the 1 experience point you suggest it rewards.
Also to encourage people to stay alive, maybe kill streaks, specifically getting multiple kills without dying, could offer some sort of benefit. An idea I had for how kill streaks could be rewarded is by awarding an extra experience for every kill you get if you have had at least 2 prior kills without dying in between. For example, your 2nd kill without dying would award the normal amount of experience, but your 3rd kill would grant you an extra experience point, as would your 4th kill and so on until you die.
As for breaking someone’s armor, I do not feel that should reward experience as the player’s power-up is to specifically made to take an extra hit. Also, I feel that impostor kills should reward experience as the same amount as other kills seeing as it’s not much different than just getting a normal kill except for the disguise and the opportunity for closer proximity to one-another.


I just realised I typoed; I meant it to be 10

The rest of the ideas sound interesting though!


no other game gives xp by statues, and i dont think this one should either.

I do think that 1 xp per 50 blocks broken could be cool however


I like how the xp is right now because it is a cool way to show your high level if you have one. I am currently level 9 and like how the xp system works.

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While I generally agree with that, there is always an opportunity to increase the level cap and add more rewards. Ground Wars is by far the hardest game to max right now.


not the hardest but the longest one to take to max out.


is that a problem though?


I dont agree with this

And this


As someone trying to Max out groundwars its an incredibly tedious process. Not boring just really slow, unbelievably slow.
There doesnt need to be major xp changes but some slight improvements could be made to increase enjoyment in the grind.

I think these features could be used:

  1. Giving a small amount of xp for gatherings power ups (similar amount to kills)
  2. The golden power ups should give around 10xp
  3. Kills and winning the game should be boosted so you need to play less to max
  4. Imposter kills should give more xp than a regular kill

I dont think all of these should be included but at least 1 or 2 just to make it all that more enjoyable.


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Wins shouldn’t give more xp, afk grinding shouldn’t be made easier.
Imposter kills shouldn’t give more xp than regular kills, thats kinda silly.
powerups shouldn’t give xp, they already do enough.
idk about the golden powerup giving xp, its a stationary target and kinda just a free for all.

I do, however, think that kill streaks should have some xp benifit, like every 5 kills without a death u get 1 xp.


I disagree, it’s a lot harder to get kills as the impostor so they should be worth more xp



ok ur just wrong and i can accept that.