How to fix Ground Wars

Why? This is basically a troll-only power-up and a waste of power-up slots.

Bruh I’ve destroyed entire mound protections with a single shot. Just get good at using the bow lol.

I think they made it so you couldn’t break them for a reason. Feels overpowered as that’s one of the few places your basically 99% safe.

First off, this is a dupe in it’s own right. Second, I also made a post about xp a couple months back so I feel your pain. Here’s the original xp complaint here:

This isn’t really necessary and concrete works fine. Also, it’s impossible to break blocks with your hand.

Guess someone is having issues pulling off a 360 no scope. But seriously, it’d be very annoying to kill these people since it’s easier to aim down then aim high. I don’t really want to be scared of a us navy seal sniper sniping me. This would also screw up alot of defenses.

On average you’ll have three items in your hotbar; And I don’t think you need your hotbar to be saved for just three items.

Yeah I know right. The Inferna map with it’s terrain and massive dragon is pretty boring. The hive’s gotta step up their game.

Overall, some solid and some not so solid ideas. I might come back in the future and check your math but I don’t know about that one. Thanks for reading and Happy Hiving! :beedance: