More ways to earn XP in Ground Wars

you’ve got about 10 people ranging from pc players to egg chucking mobile players all shooting at you from a few blocks away
most of the time anyways

A lot of people know how the powerup works now. As soon as they get the notification, they turn around. The player that is standing in their spawn area is imposter and they’ll all do everything they can to kill them, more than normal players. Not much harder but at least as hard when playing with people who know the game.

thats why u only use it after u’ve killed like 4 people in a row and then u sneak and snipe, or u could just be in full diamond and better than ur opponents and just spawn kill them for the rest of the game

Most experienced players immediately move to spawn when they see the chat message
So it’s harder

and then you… you know… kill them…

brother people have opinions and you should accept that.


a very small Bump because this is needed

A super tiny bump so Jolly can add this for the ground wars patch

bump, would go nicely with Killstreaks / Game Update in Ground Wars

Everyone that sees this vote it took me 18 hours to get to lvl 12

maxing a game isn’t always supposed to be easy, and gw is just one of the hard-to-max games. I don’t feel like that means it should be easier though.

that’s true but games get really repetitive and it’s very boring to try to max. Also it’s only 20 lvls so it shouldn’t be that hard.

That’s all well and good when there’s 100 levels, but ground wars only has 20 and takes longer to max than games with much higher levels, which means when they update it it’ll be even harder.

(source: am max in all games)


Yes, if they keep the levels the way they are then only a few people will be able to reach level 100 when they raise the level cap. However, is the point of the game to get a high level or is the point to have fun? (obv if they raise the level cap they should make xp easier to get, but also playing just to level up kinda isnt fun imo)

It was not hard to level up took me a week to max. with no xp boosters. You have to put time in it but people dont want to and you need to get 20+ kills a game and thats the easy part.

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Obviously needs to be fixed. I grinded for 3 hours with hive plus and XP boosters and only leveled up 1 1/2 levels. :sob:

Don’t you worry, I’m pretty sure they said they would balance leveling for groundwars. I got bored and started looking for it, here it is!

Either way this post is gonna have more votes than people that play gw :skull:


Kills should give 5-10 xp