Making The YouTuber Rank Harder to get

  • Before We Start

I know people are gonna hate me on this one, but please read the Whole forum, before disliking me.

  • My Reasons

My main reasons are

  1. We have too many Partners that are YouTubers.
  2. YouTube Seem like the easiest way for people, but it seem like more of a overflow.
  3. I seen YT ranks more common in the hub, and because of that, people are less interested in them.

Seriously if people are more interested in AniKitten’s Staring Contest with the Hub NPCs, than with the YouTuber in the corner, then that should be a sign that YT ranks are starting to be more common in the hub.

The Current Method of Obtaining YT ranks are starting to become easier as time go on, and I say we should make it harder to obtain.

  • The Negative

At First, People are mainly only gonna hate this, and some people are gonna upload more.

This would cause people realize that it’s hard to get YT Rank nowaday

  • The Meh

People are gonna try other methods to obtaining the Hive Partner Rank by using TikTok Or Twitch.

This would cause YouTube to slowly be back up, since smaller creators are gonna get a boost after awhile

  • The Good

Since People are gonna upload more on TikTok, Or Twitch.
This would cause more people to be exposed to the hive server, and as such the server would grow bigger

Since there less YouTubers On the Server.
Smaller YT Creators are gonna get a boost.

if there more people in the server, that would mean more money for the hive

And if the hive get more money, then they’ll be able to hire more staffs, and make more things such as…

  • Costumes
  • Games Updates
  • More Games
  • More Features
  • Maps and Skins Pack

These things are good, and majorly make the server even better

  • Q&A
  1. Are the Old Partners who no longer follow the new rules, are gonna get their YT Ranks removed?
  • No
  1. Why did you think this was a good idea?
  • because we have too many people who are YT creators in #Self-Promotion in the Discord
  1. How Many Views should a YT video from now on.
  • you guys should decide
  1. What should we throw at you?
  • Bread, but Bread with mold would work too
  • Ending

I think this majorly help the server

I like to hear all of your questions and opinions on this topic

This is BreadInu signing out

-Dog that Has mold and is very wet

I’m not really for or against this, but I’d think it would be a better idea to actually talk about how much higher you want the requirements, and how they are so low currently (personally the current requirements are fine imo, would like more consistency though). I think as long as the hive is more consistent on giving out youtube rank it should be fine


Agreed, but I still would like the requirements for Views to be a bit higher as time go by

Edit: I miss read the question, I want the requirements to be mainly decided by the hive. Since the only thing I can think of are “making comments required”, “making the view requiring 4000 - 6000 now”, and “Not counting Clickbaiting videos such as giveaways”.


I think people are getting a lot of exemptions all of a sudden. Which is probably sad for those other YouTubers who actually worked for the rank

I’m not saying those people who got exemptions didn’t work for it, just got it easier


100% as time goes by. In mabey 1 1/2 - 2 years, I would like to see it go up, but maybe not now.

100% as time goes by. In mabey 1 1/2 - 2 years, I would like to see it go up, but maybe not now.

he meant this


This and decrease of Twitch count should be a thing imo

I see people who stream and have 30 viewers all stream sniping. It doesn’t matter how many less followers you have or not, but if you’re getting Live viewers.

not that I have more than 2 concurrent members watching or anything


I think if hive gets a few yt with at least 100k who post hive content, they will up the requirements.

Rn they dont have too many very large who post hive content, so idk if this is a good idea.

What, that clearly too big for right now, I was thinking of making the views requirements be like 4000, 4500 or 5000 for right now.

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we want less yt partners
not no yt partners

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I personally think that the streamer rank requirements should be lowered, as for how much I dont know exactly how it all works so I couldnt say.




20 or 25+ viewers and 300 to 700 minimum followers on Twitch is a lot and should be enough for streamer rank imo.

I’ve only ever seen 2 yt ranks I think they could up the views needed but imo I don’t think different levels of YT ranks are necessary

I say you should have affiliate and have 10-20+ average viewers

That way too low for Twitch

Something like 75 will do

That’s still too high, even the person that has Twitch rank only gets 20-50 average viewers.

I say 65 will work for now

65 is available on known platforms like YouTube. Today Dieces stream had like 310 viwers live and he has 70K subs.

The only Streamer I know of is Jeffska and he on Twitch gets like 35 to 45 viewers on an average. More on the suggestion I made regarding Streamer rank.

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I say both idea would work better together tho, since they would help the hive get more players

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