Make mailbot notify people a bit more

Currently, the Hive posts their updates on their updates website, which then gets put on the discord as well. However, if you’re not a member of the discord server or you don’t regularly check the website, you become uninformed. So, i propose that every month, you receive a message from mailbot, with links to every post made on the website that month and perhaps even a small summary. Maybe even you receive a message every update, rather than monthly. Not only would this make people more informed, but it would also give mailbot more functionality as opposed to just saying thanks when you buy a costume

Maybe in the chat when you join it could say “X new messages. Go talk to mailbot!” Or maybe for major things say " a new major update is coming, find out more here!"


How will they know what Mailbot is?

A robot at spawn that has mail above its head

It really isn’t that hard to miss


I mean yeah I left discord and now I’m kinda uninformed the road to becoming a non


Imagine even checking the discord couldn’t be me

Bunp, this would be a very helpful update.

I agree, a GUI should cover your screen when you join as soon as there is a new MB announcement!

And at the top, it can say something creative like, “Beep beep! New message from mailbot!”